Why You Need Solitude

Find God's direction in the sanctuary of silence

Our Hearts Ache for Solitude For me, scheduling a spiritual retreat is not an occasional indulgence; it’s a quarterly necessity. When I don’t get enough sleep, my immune system breaks down and bam, I’m sick. If I don’t snack every three hours, I get tired. If I don’t walk with God every day at dawn, […]

Strength During Trials and Tragedy

Lead with Resilience

Vince and I woke up to the pings of my iPad and my husband’s iPhone. We usually ignore the early birds, but today, was different. We felt compelled to check the notifications and then realized friends were contacting us after hearing about the massive shooting in Las Vegas. We immediately turned on the TV to […]

Silence the Distractions

Turn distractions into positive actions

Charly, my Labrador retriever, has an incredible memory. Well, it’s selective memory but amazing nonetheless. In spite of his doggie demands to guard and bark when he hears a sound or retrieve a stuffed duck when it’s tossed, he manages to know when it’s five o’clock. He stands with his slightly raised floppy ears, and […]

Hope for Today and Peace for Tomorrow

"Give us this day our daily bread"

I love to eat bread, but I’m not always selective about the type of bread I choose. It’s hard to resist accessible dinner rolls, bagels, or sourdough chunks dipped in olive oil. Consequently, the refined flour and carbohydrates fill me up leaving no room for nutritional foods. Unfortunately, I’m not alone. On average, Americans eat […]

When Normal is Unfamiliar

Pursue an Extraordinary Life

I know you can’t see me while reading this post, but if you’ve watched my monthly videos or followed me on Instagram, you know I’m not in my twenties, thirties, or even forties. Since I’m celebrating a birthday this month, I’ll break the most sacred rule of womanhood and tell you my age. Shhhh! I’ll […]

Deep Roots

Keep Hope Alive

Palm or Pineapple?  I love to walk at twilight. One spring morning I finished my three-mile jaunt listening to “How Great is Our God” playing in the background. The breathtaking dawn prevented me from going inside the house, so I extended my time with God on the front porch with a cup of coffee. The […]

Invitation to a Greater Life

Faith that follows

There’s nothing more compelling than getting to know our Savior, Jesus Christ. Yes, we can get a glimpse of him when we read the Bible, pray, and cultivate our eternal relationship with him. We know he was humble, sinless, unselfish and a servant leader, but what else? How did he physically walk on water? Did […]

An Extreme Makeover Worth Pursuing

Honoring God through our relationships

Do you enjoy watching makeover shows? I love home renovation programs where weekend warriors envision a remodeled home, and then, they make it happen. They invest sweat equity stripping, hammering, and replacing what no longer serves their residential structure. The completed renovations far outweigh the labor and expense. Similarly, we are weekday warriors as we […]

See What You’ve Been Missing

God can open our spiritual eyes

My four-year-old granddaughter was getting ready for bed. After I had helped her put on her favorite Princes Poppy pajamas, she ran down the hall for one last trip to the bathroom. She made sure her water bottle was by the bed. She quickly scanned the room to pick the honored plush bedtime friend and […]

Everyone Needs Good News

Share the Gospel

Remembering the Good News How did you hear the Gospel message? The Gospel plays an essential role in the salvation process. Inviting someone to church on Resurrection Sunday is a perfect way to share the Good News.   It’s Not Too Good to be True In Luke 24, we read the events that ultimately transformed the […]