Filled with Jesus Music

Living with the joy of the Lord

It was an unrushed Saturday morning, and our three-year-old was playing in her room. Mr. Sunshine peeked through the curtains adding warmth to Audrey’s little tea table and stuffed toys. I could hear a mixture of static and snippets of music as she rolled the dial on her clock radio. Unrecognizable sounds kept her entertained, […]

The Power of Words

Video devotional

Every text, email, and conversation can influence, encourage, or change a person’s perspective. How will you use your words, today? The power of our words lies in the strength of our listening. Click To Tweet [ 1:39 minutes] Music Background: Special thanks to Daily Audio Bible  Have a Spirit-filled week. Marisa Shadrick Resources Scripture Reading: James […]

Video: Power in the Pause

Video Devotional

Negative emotions do not have to control your life. Watch this video devotional “Power in the Pause” with Marisa Shadrick. Have a Spirit-filled week! Music Background: Special thanks to Daily Audio Bible  God loves you. Marisa Shadrick Resources Scripture Reading: Psalm 19:14 KJV Additional Reading: Power in the Pause blog post References “BibleGateway.” Bible Gateway. N.p., n.d. […]

Door, Direction or Distraction?

How to Approach a Decision

Writing is easier in the company of a creative mind that understands laptop living. I regularly meet a friend at a local café. We chat a bit, work on our independent projects, and enjoy espresso living. Ah, the smell and taste of freshly brewed coffee. On one occasion, I was creating new material for an […]

Changed by Life’s Storms

Grateful for a Flawed Past

It’s easy to be thankful for growth and prosperity, but we often take blessings for granted. Each holiday season, we reflect and reframe our perspectives. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to add hardships to our gratitude list? What! Wait…hardships? Don’t we want to forget the drama? Without a doubt, we don’t want to experience hard times, but […]

The Natural-Supernatural Power of God

Demystifying the Holy Ghost


Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m a Christian, but I’m not a fanatic!” I’ve heard that statement, and I’ve also made the statement. When I was a new believer, Holy Ghost manifestations were downright scary. Thirty years ago, a variety of spiritual expressions were publicized, criticized, and unfortunately categorized as weird. Let’s tackle the […]

The Gift Behind Every Struggle

A Call for Supernatural Living

Sometimes, our struggles make us feel like an exhausted swimmer in a riptide. Our intentions get us nowhere. We see the shore. It doesn’t look far, but we just can’t make it. We’re tired and need rest. We keep striving, and fear begins to overwhelm us. Perhaps, in those moments God whispers, “Your intention is not […]

We Can’t Measure God’s Immeasurable Plan

Assurance when we question our calling

Have you found yourself overwhelmed as you live God’s assignment? Perhaps, you wonder if you misunderstood God’s direction, “Are you sure you’re talking to me, Lord?” God gives us a unique plan that often exceeds our abilities. We feel like we’re wearing a garment meant for a spiritual giant. By earth’s standards, the idea doesn’t […]

Power in the Pause

How to Stop Unattractive Reactions

Silence has become a welcome friend that calms my spirit. A quiet walk soon reveals the unnoticeable sounds of a warm breeze, leaves fluttering across the pavement, but more importantly, God’s presence. Pure and praiseworthy ideas inspire my thoughts. I know they’re not my own because they’re more eloquent than mine, creative beyond my abilities, […]

3 Reasons Why We Spiritually Stall

Have you ever had a car stall? Putt, putt, putt, and dead stop. In my younger days, I drove many relics that taught me enough mechanical jargon to make an amateur diagnosis of a stall: overheating, no electrical juice, or simply running out of gas. Sometimes, we can spiritually stall and reach a dead stop, […]