Are You Too Much or Not Enough?

You are accepted in Christ

Have you ever felt excluded? Unfortunately, it happens all the time. People can quickly become cliquish, but I don’t think it’s always intentional. It feels safe to be around familiar people, but the excluded person can feel unwanted and their presence inconsequential. Jesus, however, loved to shatter barriers and embrace the world.   Talk of […]

Your Personal Best

Video Devotional

It’s so easy to stress over unfinished work, tight schedules, and relationships. We want to pursue our personal best, but that doesn’t mean we have to live a life of distress. Our personal best is found when we rest in our personal God. #bgbg2 Click To Tweet [1:31 minutes] Music Background: Special thanks to Daily Audio […]

Bring Down the Jericho Walls

3 ways to build our faith

This past week my women’s Bible study was a blast. Jesus girls know how to blend spiritual growth with food and fun. After enjoying a helping of homemade enchiladas, a slice of pizza, finger food, and dessert (Yes, we love to eat.) we talked about Joshua 6: 2-5.   The Lord said to Joshua, “See, […]

Out of the Mire

Video Devotional

Do you ever feel stuck? Sometimes, problems can become suffocating, but God is faithful to rescue us from any sinking mire. Click to watch this week’s video devotional. God rescues us from every sinking mire. #bgbg2 Click To Tweet [ 1:41 minutes] Music Background: Special thanks to Daily Audio Bible  Have a Spirit-filled week. Marisa Shadrick […]

Hidden Blessings in Unanswered Prayers

Blessings while we wait

Have you ever wondered if your prayers lost power during liftoff? You hear about answered prayers, and that makes it worse. Silently, you whisper, “Lord, when?” God has heard every prayer and whisper. He knows the depth of your need. He has not forgotten you. Sometimes, there are hidden blessings in unanswered prayers.   Waiting […]