The Power of Prayer

The Miracle and Mystery of Prayer

I love my Women’s Bible study group. I’m humbled and challenged by their faith and hunger for God’s Word. We recently finished a four-week study on prayer. It changed me. I have to admit; sometimes I take prayer for granted. It becomes a practice instead of an interaction with God. Needs can obscure the purpose […]

Believe When Others Don’t

Video Devotional

It’s hard to watch people we love live out of faith. God, however, is faithful to bring transformation. Believe when others don’t. (1:43 minutes) Music Background: Special thanks to Daily Audio Bible  Have a Spirit-filled week. Marisa Shadrick Scripture Verse: Colossians 1:9-10 New Living Translation   References Promise Land. The Upper Room Brian Hardin, 2015, MP3. Tyndale House Publishers. […]

Hope for the Spiritually Distant

Redemption for loved ones

Are you praying for a loved one to return to the Lord? We can find comfort knowing God provided a redemptive plan so no one would perish. God desires all men and women, regardless of position, social status, or culture to come and know His truth. All includes your parents, spouse, children, and friends. Man’s […]

Hidden Blessings in Unanswered Prayers

Blessings while we wait

Have you ever wondered if your prayers lost power during liftoff? You hear about answered prayers, and that makes it worse. Silently, you whisper, “Lord, when?” God has heard every prayer and whisper. He knows the depth of your need. He has not forgotten you. Sometimes, there are hidden blessings in unanswered prayers.   Waiting […]

Seek and Find

Video devotional

Our prayers to God voice our deepest desires, but sometimes the answers come slowly unless we remember one truth. Click to watch this week’s video devotional. When we pray, what we seek may gratify, but whom we seek will always satisfy. Click To Tweet [ 1:40 minutes] Music Background: Special thanks to Daily Audio Bible  Have […]

Unrelenting Prayers for Prodigals

Love Redeems

On September 29, 1985, a young former Catholic woman came face-to-face with a disturbing stranger staring at her in the mirror. That morning, I examined the aftermath of another late night. I stared at the dark circles under my eyes wondering why makeup stopped masking my indulgent life. Ten years of addictive and reckless living […]

God Hears Your Prayers

War Room: Movie Message Hits Home

God isn’t tired of hearing your questions or problems. God hears your prayers, and He’s ready to answer. “Lord, please help me to forgive.” “Lord, please help my parents accept you as their Lord and Savior.” “Lord, we need a car.” “Lord, help me understand your will for my life.” “Lord, deliver my friend from […]

5 Ways to Wait Without Getting Weary

Have you tried to help God carry out His plan for your life? Waiting for answered prayer can become wearisome. You silently wonder, What’s taking so long? Suddenly, you feel compelled to take action. Is it inspiration or manipulation? When I’m tempted to interfere with God’s plan, He quiets my heart and shows me how to […]