Ask Questions

Questions help us examine our hearts

The most compelling question asked is, “Why?” It causes people to examine choices, opinions, and beliefs. I often wonder how children discovered the power of, “why?” They instinctively leverage their position and wear down adults with their repeated questions. “Why do I have to pick up my toys? Why do I have to eat my […]

The Inspired Word of God

The Bible for Christian Living

Do you remember receiving your first library card? For most of us, it was our first official identification. It gave a kid a sense of identity to see their name laminated on a card. Suddenly, you could access a collection of free books. Young explorers could scan bookshelves stocked with entertainment and educational resources. Years […]

The Power of Prayer

The Miracle and Mystery of Prayer

I love my Women’s Bible study group. I’m humbled and challenged by their faith and hunger for God’s Word. We recently finished a four-week study on prayer. It changed me. I have to admit; sometimes I take prayer for granted. It becomes a practice instead of an interaction with God. Needs can obscure the purpose […]

The Spirit World

(Part 3) Thriving Spiritually in a Physical World

The Spirit World I don’t understand myself. I want to have a good attitude when I drive through the Las Vegas highways, but I don’t do it. Instead, I do what I hate. I know I have a wrong attitude. I need to live God’s way because it’s better than experiencing anger behind the wheel. […]

Time to Soul Search

(Part 2) Soul searching for a healthier life

Do you take the time to soul search?   Last week, we started a three-part series called, “Understanding Our Three-Fold Framework.” We began with the visible gift known as our bodies and how our physical form can help us flourish. We discovered there’s an incredible synergy between body, soul, and spirit. This week, we’re going to look […]

Understanding Our Three-Fold Framework

(Part 1) Pursuing a healthier body, soul, and spirit

There’s nothing more frustrating than having an aspiration or goal that fades in the mire of busyness and circumstances. There’s no need to feel guilty. It happens to all of us, but understanding our three-fold framework can help us strategically tackle these hurdles.   Are You Ready to be Authentic? In this three-part series, we’ll […]

The God Who Sees

We have God's attention

Winter days in Las Vegas are chilly. One morning, I could hear the wind blowing against the house. I layered my clothes, put on my down jacket, scarf, gloves, baseball hat and a beanie over the hat. You would have thought I lived in Alaska, but I’m a former California girl, and I’m used to […]

The Freedom We Neglect to Protect

Our heart's attitude

A transparent attitude when you’re having a bad day isn’t pretty. My recent attitude adjustment was over my computer. My website was down, my computer was freezing up, and the Internet was slow. How ridiculous, right? As I stomped around the house, I let a machine ruin my day. Circumstances will rob our inner freedom […]

Life after Disappointments

Why closure is important

Before you plan your next health goal, business goal or annual goal, consider closure. What do I mean? Let’s look at closure beyond its conventional definition that usually involves relationships. Although relationships are significant, unresolved circumstances or unmet expectations can affect our mindset and personal productivity. They need closure.   Reconcile Your Emotional Bank Unresolved […]

Jesus is Our Solid Rock

How to spiritually stand during life's tests

When we were in school, we had frequent exams. In High School, we had to pass a driver’s test and prepare for the Scholastic Assessment Test. Perhaps you’ve taken a strengths test or aptitude test. Let’s not forget the pregnancy test that brings happy news to a childless couple. Some tests are easy, and others […]