25 Opt-in Ideas to Grow Your Email List

25 Opt-in Ideas to Grow Your Email List

Attract Your Audience With 25 Amazing Opt-In Ideas and Grow Your Email List.

We want to grow our email list, but sometimes we’re too close to our work to choose a free offer for our audience.

We want to start a conversation with the people we want to serve, but we overthink the possibilities. Your audience will love to access helpful information in exchange for their email address, especially if it will solve a problem or save them time.

Once the person has joined your community, you can continue to support them with valuable content.

Opt-in offers are a low-pressure lead-generating strategy that helps you attract and convert your ideal client avatar (niche or target audience).

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Here are 25 Opt-in Offer Ideas to Grow Your Email List (Video Below).

1. Challenge

People love to accomplish time-consuming projects in a short amount of time, but they often need support. When you facilitate a challenge, you help people systematically complete the tasks required to finish a project. Consider your audience’s pain point and determine a universal problem that you can help them solve and launch your challenge.


2. Assessment

Growing your email list is essential, but if you can add engagement, you obtain valuable information. People love a journey of self-discovery, and a customized assessment provides that experience. People will walk away with more information about themselves while you collect useful information about your ideal client avatar.


3. Video Series

A video series doesn’t have to be lengthy, but it needs to provide helpful information on one topic. For example, you can offer tips on a specific industry. You can drip out three-minute videos via an email sequence to solve a particular problem.


4. Checklist

A checklist is one of the most common opt-ins created. It’s packed with convenience and provides an at-a-glance list of tasks or reminders. It can be printed and used repeatedly or shared with your team to maintain project consistency.


5. Template or Swipe File

A template is a done-for-you outline for a process. For example, you could create an article template or a podcast show notes template. A swipe file, on the other hand, provides written content used as an example for inspiration.


6. Guide or Manifesto

A “manifesto” provides direction and serves as a written tutorial. It answers how you do something.  A manifesto is a written document that declares the intention, motive, or mission of a business.


7. Free Discovery Call

Suppose you have a “Work with Me” page or a landing page promoting service work. In that case, a discover call form resembles an application so you can access valuable information about the prospect and qualify your leads.


8. Course Preview

Did you create a digital course? To stir some interest in your program, you can, for a limited time, offer video or module access. They get to sample your style of training, and you can follow up with each new subscriber.


9. Resources

Do all the research for your audience. Save them time and provide a list of helpful resources with clickable links. Make your resource list work for you by adding affiliate links but add an affiliate disclosure statement.


10. Contest

People love to win prizes. You can periodically run a contest on social media. With each entry, you capture a new email address. Ensure your giveaway is related to your niche and helps your ideal target audience, so you don’t attract freebie seekers.


11. Free Critique

If you do service work or you’re a coach. You can review sales pages, websites, or sales funnels. Your valuable critique could lead to contract work or add a new client.


12. Tips or Hacks

When you help people fast-track a process or shorten a learning curve, you’ve won their trust. People are always looking for a more straightforward, faster, and less expensive way of managing projects.


  • 25 Opt-in Ideas to Grow Your Email List

    Don’t stare at a blank screen. Save time with these content ideas, 25 Opt-in suggestions, Social Media Starters, and more. Download this free PDF with this link.




13. Product or Service Comparison

This is a review. Chances are you’ve tried different services or products in your business. You finally determined the best one through trial and error. Now you’re ready to share your personal experience and results. You can also promote an affiliate product or service but don’t forget to add an affiliate disclosure statement.


14. Infographic

A picture speaks volumes. An infographic is like a mindmap. You can see a process in visual form at-a-glance. You can create these using Canva, and it will showcase your unique blueprint or strategy.


15. A “How To” Worksheet

Worksheets help people go deep with a concept. I use these with my students when they are trying to identify their ideal client avatar. Worksheets usually have questions and fillable cells, or it can be a downloadable document.


16. An Audio Recording

Simple and easy, my friends. People are accustomed to podcasts, so audio training allows you to teach without putting your makeup on! (ha!) You can repurpose a previous presentation or webinar. Like a video series, you can create a three-part audio training and drip it out via email.


17. A Free LIVE Webinar

Webinars are video training and Livestream in one. The event creates excitement and engagement. There’s a little more preparation needed to schedule a webinar, but if you plan to sell a coaching program or course, it’s a great way to introduce the offer while providing valuable content.


18. Livestream Replay

If you schedule and broadcast a weekly LIVE show, offer the replay show notes with tons of added value. I embedded the Livestream replay in the show notes with additional content. I can ask my audience to sign up for Livestream notifications and access the show notes.


19. Done-for-you Resource

Save people time and frustration by providing quick and helpful resources. For example, I’ve seen people offer a ready-to-use social media content calendar or an entire welcome email sequence. The idea is to minimize the work for someone else.


20. An Exclusive Interview

Do you know an influencer or someone who specializes in a related field? You can offer an exclusive video or audio replay as an Opt-in. The interview would bring so much value. The insights that your audience would feel they owe you money, and say, “I can’t believe this was free?”


21. Blog Post Content Upgrade

We can’t fit everything in a blog post. Consider offering a content upgrade that gives your readers “the rest of the story,” or supporting material. You can reuse your offer with related blog posts or repurpose it as a course or webinar bonus.


22. Blueprint

A blueprint shows a process or flow. You can create a blueprint that shows the macro and micro view using a mindmap. In the end, your audience has a detailed plan that’s duplicatable.


23. A Free eBook

If you’re a writer, offer either a free Kindle book or a book chapter as an opt-in. It all depends on your strategy. Does the book lead to a course? Does the book provide credibility? In many cases, you can do both.


24. Exclusive Facebook Group

We now see exclusive paid Facebook Groups. Consider offering access to a private Facebook group where you offer bonus training or LIVE interaction. Depending on your niche, this could grow your warm client list, and it provides engagement opportunities that would make Facebook’s algorithm happy.


25. Motivational Quotes

Who doesn’t love quotes! If you create weekly quotes, you could batch them into an offer. Create a hidden website page or Google Doc where your quotes can live. Or, if you have 52 quotes, drip them out every week to your new subscribers.


25 Opt-in Ideas to Grow Your Email List (Video Replay)


  • 25 Opt-In Ideas to Grow Your Email List

    Don’t stare at a blank screen. Save time with these content ideas, 25 Opt-in suggestions, Social Media Starters, and more. Download this free PDF with this link.



10 reasons your ideal client avatar would love to access your information.

  1. Save them time.
  2. Save them money.
  3. Help them make money.
  4. Increase their happiness or quality of life.
  5. Improve their relationships.
  6. Provide an insight that leads to fulfillment.
  7. Support their health.
  8. Gain knowledge or skills.
  9. Reduce the pain of a challenge or problem.
  10. Discover something new.


Now it’s your turn to use these ideas to create a few offers and start growing your email list.



If this was helpful, please share this post by clicking the share button. I would greatly appreciate it. (I’m building my list, too. Ha!) 

Stay resilient

Marisa Shadrick

Digital Strategist and Certified Copywriter


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