4 Keys to Your Best Year Ever

4 Keys to Your Best Year Ever!

Many start with dreams and goals to make a difference with their talents and gifts!

☠️ But beware! ☠️

There are forces at work trying to kill your success.

You probably already know that only 8% of people who set goals achieve them.

➡️ It’s not about setting goals.

➡️ It’s not about a business plan.

➡️ It’s not about more media presence.

➡️ It’s not about influence, impact, or income.

I’m excited to interview Bill McConnell as he shares insights for achieving your goals in 2021.

Bill will uncover the 4 ingredients to your best year ever.


Watch the Video Replay: 4 Key Ingredients to Your Best Year Ever


Now, conquer the forces that are holding you back, and have an amazing new year.

If you need a new planner to help you focus on your “obsession” and maximize your time, check out my post, “Write Your Goals and Reach Your Highest Potential.” 


🎆 A B O U T B I L L 🎆 After a life-changing event, many people get stuck in a fog and become unclear about their purpose and their future. I help people rediscover their passions and unique contributions to the world, so they feel confident and have momentum toward the life they want.

Bill spent 10+ years overcoming the roadblocks to effective personal change, so you gain the benefit in less time with more impact.

Here a free resource he created to help you grow, reach your goals, and find fulfillment. https://www.billmcconnell.me/21-day-kickstart


Stay Resilient!

Marisa Shadrick

Online Strategist and Certified Copywriter

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