5 Basic Elements You Need to Craft a Powerful Email

What Elements Do You Need to Craft a Powerful Email?

You want your readers excited about reading your emails, but what kind of pixie dust do you need?

Writing emails can be an overwhelming experience – especially for entrepreneurs with so many things on their minds.

You might say some even dread creating emails, so they procrastinate and wait for the last minutes to throw something together.

  • But an engaging email invites action.
  • You build trust, serve your community, trigger new business opportunities, and increased sales.
  • You become a valuable and consistent resource for your followers.


What if I told you there are simple changes you can make today that will make your emails more engaging – without spending hours floundering over your words or stressing over how to write them?


Discover 5 Basic Elements You Need to Craft a Powerful Email


The Acronym E.M.A.I.L.S to Simplify the Writing Process

E – Engage, hook your reader with the subject line and first few sentences
Hook your reader with the subject line and first few sentences.

M – Meet them where they are in the customer journey.
Segment and customize your emails to continue the conversation in their customer journey.

A – Appeal to their emotions
Whatever you’re trying to solve for your audience, there’s pain connected to that problem. Paint a picture with words. Use imagery to touch their emotions.

I – Improve their circumstance.
Show them how you have an answer. Whether it’s a blog post or product, offer an answer or solution.

L – Lead them to a Call to Action
Every email should have a purpose and one call to action. Be clear to communicate the next step without confusion.

S – Series to make your emails episodic
Create a series of episodic emails. Leave them with a cliffhanger so they anticipate and look forward to your following email.


Don’t underestimate the power of well-crafted email.


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Marisa Shadrick

Online Marketing Coach and Certified Copywriter

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