5 Tips to Become a Natural Speaker on Camera

5 Tips to Become a Natural Speaker

Unfortunately for entrepreneurs, a big part of our online communication has leaned toward videos.

Yes, aka public speaking.

But here’s the problem.

Most people are terrified to speak in front of an audience. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on camera or stage.

I was one of those people–paralyzed at the thought of public speaking. Yet, in 2015, I won an international speech competition that positioned me as one of the top hundred speakers in the world.


Watch and Discover How You Can Become a Natural Speaker

  • How to overcome the fear of public speaking
  • The secret of audience connection
  • A simple way to create your speaking points
  • How to bring your message to life
  • A practice to minimize speaking jitters



Public Speaking is a Must For Online Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re married, single, parent, or corporate executive, there is no substitute for effective communication.

But for online entrepreneurs, public speaking is a needed skill.

Here are three tips to improve your communication.

  1. Listen well and understand your audience.
  2. Be yourself and let your personality shine.
  3. The goal is not to be understood but to show you understand.

Without your voice, people will continue to struggle. So find your brave and develop this skill.


Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking 

If you’ve ever had weeds in your yard, you know pulling the root prevents it from growing back.

In the same manner, determine which “Voice” triggers fear. That is your root.

  1. External Voice (naysayers, culture, society, or friends)
  2. Internal Voice (insecurity, false beliefs, or imagination)
  3. Voice of Truth (lean on what is true and the value you bring to someone else)

Every message is for someone. Even if you don’t impress the masses, one person makes it worthwhile.


Your Origin Story Turns You Into A Natural Speaker

When we develop our why or origin story, we help others live their story. We provide hope when we share our ordinary stories that produce extraordinary results.

Your story will help others…

  1. Develop confidence
  2. Believe in the process
  3. Feel empowered to take the first step.

You will become so comfortable on camera; it will feel like you were born to be in front of a lens.


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Stay resilient!

Marisa Shadrick

Online Marketing Coach and Certified Copywriter

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