5 Ways to Convert and Increase Your Email List

In the 80s I Never Considered an Email List

I remember my first laptop back in the early eighties. 

The Compaq Portable cost around $2,000 and weighed about 30 pounds, but it might as well been fifty–heavy. 

The tiny screen cover by a keyboard lid brought PC innovation to the masses. It was a big deal. 

Keep in mind that mobile phones were a 2-pound, foot-long brick with limited talking time back then. 

The portable computer allowed me to work on corporate projects from home on the weekend rather than drive to the office. 

A lot has changed in almost forty years, but one thing hasn’t changed products and services need customers. 


The Internet Advantage

Today, anyone can create a brand, share content, and promote products and services. Coaches, speakers, writers, and service-based entrepreneurs have an advantage, but they need a strategy to help build their email list. 

It may seem like a colossal pain to grow an email list. But your email list is your greatest asset. 

Nurturing a mailing list is essential for revenue. 

The process can seem time-consuming and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 


Reasons to Grow Your Email List

If you want to coach, write, or speak, you need an audience. You’ll journey with your audience, solving problems and becoming their go-to source for answers.

Your community will become your tribe. Why is that important?

If you want to offer products or services in the future, here are three things you need to know, 

  1. Growing an organic email list can take time, delaying revenue. Begin as soon as possible. 
  2. It’s easier to sell to a warm list (your email list) than a cold list. 
  3. Buying ads to target your audience is an option, but it can be costly. 

You can find guest opportunities to guest appear as a writer or speaker, but a lead magnet works while you sleep. No makeup needed. 


A 5-Step System to Grow Your Online Influence with Clarity and Confidence




5 Ways to Convert and Increase Your Email List 

In a previous post, How to Grow Your Email List with Strategic Content, I provide an overview with an illustration of a funnel sequence. 

A funnel is a process that brings someone from a stranger to a customer, starting with a lead magnet. If you’re not sure what to create, 25 Opt-in Ideas to Grow Your Email List is a great resource. 


Watch the Free Training for More Insights


Video Training Recap

  1. Share a Free Resource
  2. Offer a Mini Digital Product Under $49. To enhance your offer’s imagery, visit Placeit.net for three-dimensional images. 
  3. Provide a Done-for-you Service such a Template. 
  4. Create a 5-day challenge, pilot program, or webinar to bring more people into your community. 
  5. Leverage partners through affiliate programs, summits, etc. 


When Content Doesn’t Convert, Go Back to Copywriting.

It isn’t easy to write perfect copy right out of the gate. Sometimes a headline needs to change. Sometimes it’s the bullet points or the overall text. 

The first step is to know what you sell? 

People buy results, transformation, and the emotional feeling when their problem is solved or their lives are changed. What is that for you? 

Knowing what you sell will help you create better copy, even for your free offers. 


Here are three copywriting tips to help you improve your message. 

  1. Use your prospect’s language.
  2. Talk about the pain and transformation, not the features. 
  3. Create an emotional connection and show empathy. 


Here are three mistakes to avoid in your copywriting. 

  1. Don’t make it complicated. 
  2. Rambling will confuse and make your message vague.
  3. Enter into their conversation, so you don’t appear detached. 


For more copywriting information, visit 7 Tips for Compelling Website Copy.  

Big brands like Snickers, Coca-Cola, KFC, and others use a story or an emotional connection to engage their audience. You can do the same.

Stay resilient!

Marisa Shadrick

Digital Strategist and Certified Copywriter

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