7 Tips for Compelling Website Copy

For a Compelling Website, You Need Design and Website Copy


When someone is ready to start a business, the first thing on the “to-do” list is to build a website.

Build it, and they will come! 

Um, no!

If you’re strategic with keywords, you may gain some organic traffic. What then?

You only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention, so what should you say? Focusing on your copy is a gamechanger.


Discover How to Engage Your Website Traffic…Because Design Isn’t Enough!


1. Why Copy is Essential

When written well, words trigger emotions.

Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar or online business, think about your audience and what they want.

Your unique solution is what sets you apart.

Your copy begins a relationship with your potential clients. Design alone can’t do that, but design with strategic writing will create a beautiful and seamless flow.



2. What is The Goal of Your Website Copy?

Consider what you want your audience to do? Here are some options to consider.

  • Visit my store!
  • Join our virtual community!
  • Download a free resource!

The action should be a logical first step for your audience.


3. How to Improve Your Conversion

Once you decide how you want to engage with your audience, create a clear offer.

Don’t get fancy or cute because if you confuse your audience, they won’t stick around to figure it out.

Keep in mind, your call to action can appear in various places. For ideas read, 17 Ways to Leverage Organic Website Traffic!  Bur first, watch this video and build a strong foundation.



7 Copy Tips for a Compelling Website (Video Training)

(Here’s a link to the website example discussed in this training. https://www.galleriaatsunset.com/)



Video Training Show Notes

1. Audience or Client Awareness

Use this acronym to evaluate your audience’s awareness.

O – Oblivious

P – Pondering

E – Engaged

N – Need


2. Headlines and Bullets

Don’t think transaction; think transformation.

Be sure to include their existing pain, but also communicate their aspiration. What would make life better?

Add curiosity or a listicle headline.

Here are some examples…

Curiosity Headline: How to get more clients without Facebook ads

Listicle headlines: 7 Ways to stop smoking and see your kids graduate from college


3. Evoke Scarcity or Urgency in Your Copy

We want your audience to take action and get their problem solved. Explain how a delay will affect future results.

Show them the consequence of a delay and why they should take action and create positive change.

Have a clear call to action, so they know what to do next.


4. Provide Emotional Connection

Features or deliverables do not trigger the emotional connection you need for engagement.

It’s best to use visceral words.

In article or book writing, it’s called show don’t tell.

Fiction techniques work well in your copy.

Why is this important?

A purchase is first an emotional decision.


5. Narrative Marketing

Donald Miller – StoryBrand (Brand Marketing) explains that the customer is the hero.

When we look at the Hero’s Journey, we find the following.

  • The main character wants something. 
  • There’s a problem!
  • Meets a guide.
  • The guide provides a plan.
  • There’s a call to action (CTA). 
    • Response: Leads to Success or Failure


6. Credibility / Social Proof

Stories add credibility and social proof, but they also evoke emotion.


7. Opt-in Above the Fold

Add text to explain what they can receive or expect.

  • Immediate Download!
  • Sign Up Today!
  • Schedule a Call!

You can also use the text inside a CTA button.


Stay Resilient!

Marisa Shadrick

Digital Strategist and Certified Copywriter



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