Welcome, I’m Marisa! 

Working hard will not guarantee: 

➡️ debt-free living

➡️ sending your kids to college

➡️ early retirement with financial security as you age

➡️ more time to build healthy relationships 

➡️ a lucrative business with financial stability

Working hard creates false security, believing success is inevitable. Instead, tether your work to a single strategy for a clear outcome. Less is more–especially when building an online business.

🎉🎊 As an online marketing consultant, I help independent coaches execute highly effective prospecting strategies to grow a client base that builds a profit-generating business.🎉

About Marisa 

Marisa is a published writer with articles featured in national and international publications. She’s the former acquisition editor for Faith’ n
Fitness Magazine and former cohost for BizTalk on KQMS Radio in Northern CA.

In 2015, Marisa was one of 32,000+ contestants from 126 countries competing in an international speech competition and became Toastmasters’ 1st Place Champion for District 33, positioning her as one of the world’s top 100 speakers.

Marisa is a Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter and “You Are the Brand” expert. She’s the founder of Amplify Your Authority and the host of the “Resilient Faith Online” podcast.

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