Amplify Your Authority

Sell More Products and Services by Amplifying Your Voice on Strategic Platforms Through the Power of Human-to-Human Connections

Does this sound like you?

Are you caught in the relentless cycle of ‘more effort, less reward’ in your business?

Perhaps you’re one of the many coaches, service providers, or content creators experiencing one or all of the following? 

  • Branding Blues: Do you feel like your brand’s true essence is getting lost in the noise, making it hard to stand out and truly connect with your ideal clients?
  • Endless Effort, Limited Leads: Are you investing significant time and resources in marketing efforts but still not seeing your email list grow with an engaged community?
  • Feeling Overwhelmed and Lost: After trying numerous strategies, the fear of business failure leaves you feeling lost and unsure of the next step.
  • Scaling Uncertainty: Are you struggling to identify the right products or services to scale your business, unsure of what will resonate best with your market and drive growth?

These challenges are not unique to you—they are a shared struggle amongst many online entrepreneurs, especially certified coaches. 

Let's Debunk the "Social Media Myth"

Outdated Strategies: As a seasoned copywriter and brand expert, my transition from service provider to coach brought some eye-opening insights. Social media marketing tactics were no longer the golden ticket unless managed by agencies whose primary role was monitoring and leveraging activity.

  • The Pay-to-Play Reality: In today’s social media landscape, costly ads often overshadow organic visibility. 


  • Relentless Content Creation: The never-ending demand for fresh, engaging content places immense pressure on creators, stretching resources thin and leading to unsustainable practices.


  • Navigating Algorithmic Mazes: With ever-evolving algorithms dictating content visibility, strategies often turn into a guessing game, where even the most well-crafted content can go unseen.

The prevailing online advice to ramp up social media posting with the help of AI tools is creating a new challenge in the digital marketing space- the inundation of content in social media feeds. 

Businesses produce more content but at the cost of lower engagement and effectiveness. This over-reliance on AI for content creation can lead to a disconnect between the brand and its audience. Marketing requires a more human-centered approach that prioritizes authenticity over quantity.

I’ve been in part-time business for a few years but lacked clarity in some areas that I wasn’t even aware of. Working with Marisa helped me to see the gaps that I had and enabled me to get really clear on my audience and messaging. I have done a lot of work in these areas and would probably have felt like I didn’t need to do dig into it much, but I just followed her process and I am much better for it. 
If you are someone who is not where you want to be in your business and want help figuring out why and what to do about it… I highly recommend working with Marisa. 

Jenny Lytle BSN, RN, stress relief self-care coach

Become an Expert Guest on
Established Platforms

Elevate Your Brand By Speaking At Virtual Summits, Workshops, Breakout Sessions, Corporate Trainings, Online Interviews, and Podcast Guesting

Imagine a world where connections bring you closer to your entrepreneurial dreams. I offer you a different narrative rooted in the rich tapestry of my experiences as a certified brand expert, a Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter, and an internationally recognized public speaker. Let’s unveil the real ‘secret’ to growing your online business:

  • Authentic Connections Over Ads: The true essence of building a successful online presence lies in cultivating genuine relationships – connecting human-to-human, building a network, peer-to-peer collaborations, and niche communities.


  • Building Trust Through Quality Interactions: With relationship marketing, we move away from the unpredictability of algorithms. We focus on weaving a network of long-lasting connections with customers, peers, and business partners. It’s not about the quantity of interactions but their quality.


  • Efficient Growth, Less Effort: Drawing from my expertise in branding, copywriting, and public speaking, I can guide you toward growing your business more effectively and in less time. By prioritizing relationship marketing, you can achieve sustainable growth without the burnout of traditional digital marketing methods.

The journey to growing your online business is not about outsmarting algorithms. It’s about leveraging the timeless principle of human connection, fortified by strategic branding and compelling storytelling, to position you as an expert in your field. 

Marisa Shadrick is such a blessing. I’m feeling so much better about my upcoming book launch now. I highly recommend Marisa for all your copywriting needs or marketing strategy coaching. Why? Because she was so diligent in understanding all the pieces of the puzzle and conveying “my” message in “my voice.”

Author, Speaker, and business consultant


Here's How the Program Works

Amplify Your Authority will teach you how to leverage the power of daily connections to grow your leads and sales.

  • You’ll implement my proprietary marketing system with templates and a process to acquire leads and make sales. You’ll build an online presence, hone your brand message, optimize your website for lead capture, grow your email list, strategize your social media activities, and maximize opportunities through podcast guesting.


  • The first 90 days of your program are weekly interactive coaching sessions. You will apply new concepts, brainstorm new ideas, and ask questions, making the twice-weekly calls an anticipated event. These sessions will drive momentum and accelerate your progress.


  • As you transition into the alumni mastermind phase, the momentum you’ve built will continue to propel you forward. Our weekly calls are more than just a support system; they facilitate collective growth and achievement.


This six-month journey will equip you with the necessary skills and empower you to realize those ambitious dreams you’ve envisioned for so long.

You'll Walk Away With a Repeatable System and Marketing Assets to Grow Your Business

    • Origin Story & Bio
    • Clear Brand Identity
    • Lead Magnet Funnel
    • Copywriting Critiques
    • Content Clarity
    • Lead Magnet Strategies
    • Comfortable Prospecting Methods 
  • Email List Growth Strategy
  • Podcast Pitch Email Templates
  • One Sheet and Media Kit
  • Where to Find Ideal Podcast Hosts
  • Revenue-generating product Breakdown and Pricing
  • Sales Training for 121 Discovery Calls
  • Network of Professional Support and more

I’ve loved being in Marisa’s Amplify Your Authority program. Before this program, I had no clue how to market myself or my business. Within three months, Marisa taught me the importance of relationship marketing and how to implement copywriting tips and skills to get my message of resiliencd and hope to my audience. When I was invited to be a speaker on a virtual summit early in the course, I didn’t panic because I had my media kit and free resource prepared and ready to send. Marisa even helped me prepare my talk since it was my first speaking event. My presentation was well received and I was able to tweak it for three more speaking opportunities. 

Laura Mangum Broome, Resilience Coach, Author, Speaker

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Marisa's Amplified Assurance

To all my fellow small business owners, independent coaches, service providers, and course creators: I know the journey can be challenging, especially when aiming for the next significant milestone in your business.

As a Ray Edwards certified copywriter, a certified brand expert, and someone who’s been in your shoes, I’m here to support you and help you earn revenue with confidence and clarity.

I know you’ll be delighted to grow your business faster and with less complexity. The repeatable system will help you acquire leads and sales without expensive ads and tons of social media content.

But if you join the “Amplify Your Authority” program and find this program is not a good fit for you, no worries.

Contact me within the first 30 days, and I will refund your investment!

Email me at, and I’ll take care of your request, guaranteed! ~ Marisa

The Moment is Now: Join Us!

By enrolling, you’re taking an important step. Rest assured, I’m here to prevent you from being overwhelmed or getting stuck.

Perhaps you’re not fully aware yet, but your success translates to my success. My experience in marketing and copywriting is at your disposal, and I want to pave your path to triumph.

I want you to be my next case study. Your transformational story will encourage others, and it’s an opportunity to celebrate your achievements with others. 

Sharing our mutual success is what relationship marketing is all about.

I eagerly await to welcome you to the “Amplify Your Authority” journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

After your application is reviewed and accepted, you’ll be contacted with detailed information abour our next cohort.   

Yes, of course. You’ll also have free access to Copy Connection and our priviate memebership where I show up LIVE twice a month to support the community. 

Many programs often focus on isolated aspects of business and fail to cover lead generation (aka traffic). However, our program takes a holistic view of your business, emphasizing lead acquisition, prospecting, and sales calls. In this way, we ensure you have a comprehensive understanding and strategy that supports your business’s foundation and fuels its growth.

I’m confident you’ll love the program, but if for any reason you can’t continue, let me know within the first 30 days. Upon notification by email,, I will process your refund immediately, and return 100% of your invest. Please see the guarantee section on this page, “Marisa’s Amplified Assurance.” 

First, thank you for being a member. Secondly, the welcome email will include an optional link for existing membership members. The link will enroll you in our free plan and automatically cancel any future monthly charges. So you will never pay again. It’s my way of saying thank you for your continued commitment and patronage.

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