We Can’t Measure God’s Immeasurable Plan

Have you found yourself overwhelmed as you live God’s assignment? Perhaps, you wonder if you misunderstood God’s direction, “Are you sure you’re talking to me, Lord?” God gives us a unique plan that often exceeds our abilities. We feel like we’re wearing a garment meant for a spiritual giant. By earth’s standards, the idea doesn’t fit. We feel ill equipment,

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Power in the Pause

Silence has become a welcome friend that calms my spirit. A quiet walk soon reveals the unnoticeable sounds of a warm breeze, leaves fluttering across the pavement, but more importantly, God’s presence. Pure and praiseworthy ideas inspire my thoughts. I know they’re not my own because they’re more eloquent than mine, creative beyond my abilities, and selfless—unlike my carnal nature.

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Find Your Brave

When it comes to Kingdom living, circumstances can make it difficult to see clearly, speak freely, and walk progressively toward God-size living. [Tweet “See clearly, speak freely, and walk progressively toward God-size living!”] God calls us by name to follow Him, and yet, salvation is not the end of our journey–it’s the beginning. The journey can be bumpy with twists

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Fear Cannot Silence the Voice of the Redeemed

“Lord, I agreed to go wherever you lead me but public speaking?” I took a breath, and I leaned against my bed pillows. My “chicken” thoughts tried to reason a solution. Maybe, I should pull the sheets over my head, pretend I was praying in my sleep and start again after a quick snooze. Have you ever had God lead

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Life of a Mom

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  Whether you’re a young mom, single mom, married mom or career mom, mothers share many common emotions.   Skit Guys video portrays the life of a mom. What’s your favorite “mom” moment? Share your memory it the comments below. Have a blessed weekend. Marisa Shadrick

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5 Ways to Wait Without Getting Weary

Have you tried to help God carry out His plan for your life? Waiting for answered prayer can become wearisome. You silently wonder, What’s taking so long? Suddenly, you feel compelled to take action. Is it inspiration or manipulation? When I’m tempted to interfere with God’s plan, He quiets my heart and shows me how to wait without getting weary.  

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