3 Reasons Why We Spiritually Stall

Have you ever had a car stall? Putt, putt, putt, and dead stop. In my younger days, I drove many relics that taught me enough mechanical jargon to make an amateur diagnosis of a stall: overheating, no electrical juice, or simply running out of gas. Sometimes, we can spiritually stall and reach a dead stop, but if we maintain our

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3 Reasons to Join Me at Platform University

As a writer and speaker, my hope is to encourage individuals to live their ministry potential and find fulfillment knowing they’re making a difference. I knew I had to maximize the Internet, but I didn’t know where to begin—until I discovered Platform University. Let me share a few words about a program that offers professional integrity, game-changing content, and community

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Give the Devil Some Push Back

Submission is synonymous with faith. It’s a lifelong discipline to reject worldly securities and self-reliance. Submission brings us closer to God, but there’s another submission we need to avoid–accepting subtle lies that discredit the power of God. When tempted to doubt, give the devil some push back and submit your thoughts to God. Satan distorts the truth and tries to

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God Helps Us Avoid Spiritual Collisions

How do we conform to a new environment, job, church, or relationship? Change usually imposes a shadow of fear as we travel the unknown. However, God is our travel companion, and God helps us avoid spiritual collisions. A NEED FOR CHANGE My twenty-four-year-old son desperately needed a different car to commute in his traffic-driven city, Los Angeles. His 1997 car

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God Shapes Our Faith into Something Beautiful

Have you ever questioned the stability of your faith?  We say we trust Jesus, but an unexpected loss, fear, or challenge can reveal our feeble spiritual legs. Fortunately, the ebb and flow of faith is not the absence of faith. It can produce Godly living. [Tweet “The ebb and flow of faith is not the absence of faith”] I’m acclimating

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How To Do Less Without Worry

Have you ever felt as if you were drowning in an ocean of responsibilities? Somehow, our boundary lines faded with the endless traffic of tasks. Let me be the first to raise my hand. Although I have read time management books, tried to maximize personal energy, changed my responses, and repainted my margin lines, my only lifesaver lied in the

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