God-Size Living Comes Slowly

Sometimes, it’s uncomfortable to think about the future and unknown change. But we can remember that our future is like a blank canvas waiting for God to paint our life’s portrait. God takes His time with each brush stroke to add lines, curves, texture, and color. Each brush stroke matters and helps our story build over time. CHANGE CAN CAUSE

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Find Strength in the Midst of Distress

Our culture whispers empowerment and the promise to thrive through movies, advertisements, career opportunities, and bestselling books. Pumped with positive thoughts, we still experience distress. It becomes clear that empowerment is not about strength, but about God’s favor on the humble. [Tweet “Empowerment is not about strength, but about God’s favor on the humble.”] And He took with Him Peter

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Faith of a Child

[guestpost]This is a guest post by Barbara Kain Parker. She’s become a wonderful online friend sharing God’s love in many ways, including social media. [/guestpost] My 22-month-old granddaughter’s little arms clung desperately to her father, her eyes bright with tears of frustration and pain, and her head resting on his shoulder.  She was sick and feverish. The look on her

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Our Supernatural Filter for the Murky Middle

Serving God can be exciting, but unchecked momentum can drag us into the murky middle. The more we strive to get things done, the harder life becomes. When we trudge through tedious days, it’s time to tap into our supernatural filter for the murky middle — prayer. Murky Middle Before I moved to Nevada, I lived a few minutes from

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Find Your Zeal for a Spiritual Life

Like me, you probably set spiritual goals for the New Year, but life can sabotage best intentions. When apathy whispers, “quit,” find your zeal for a spiritual life. For the past few weeks, we’ve considered How to Find Your Destiny and how to Find Freedom to Live Your God Story. God gives us clarity as we move forward. New opportunities

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How to Find Your Destiny

The New Year is a contemplative season. We look back and wonder if we’ve reached our goals and potential. Did we stray from our life’s destiny? We summarize our objectives for the New Year, learn from disappointments, and forge new goals to reach our destiny. But what if we don’t know our destiny? What if we’re in a rut floundering

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