The Director of Our Story

  Startled, Thea James sat upright. Her gaze darted about the bedroom. Light flickered and bounced off the walls, which seemed to shudder with the sound of sirens and gunfire. And screams. A Vase of Mistaken Identity by Cathy Elliott    Most of us enjoy a thrilling cozy mystery. Did you know that stories usually model a three-act play? The

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Reckless Abandon

The Itsy Bitsy Spider would never survive the wrath of a protective mother. My daughter doesn’t have Arachnophobia, but she would be a strong candidate; she hates spiders. The sight of a spider would trigger sheer panic. Her piercing scream would make anyone’s hair stand on end, and her arms would wave in the air as she’d run in circles.

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Spiritual Rest Doesn’t Ignore Physical Rest

Early one morning I heard shouts coming from my father’s bedroom. “No!” he argued in his sleep. “Go!” Dementia had affected my father’s mind and a night’s rest was unpredictable for the entire family.    I struggled to open my eyes, but within seconds, my husband said, “I’ll take care of him—go ahead and sleep.” With a grateful sigh, I

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God’s Light Can Pierce My Darkness

In 1965, New York City experienced a significant blackout and more than 30 million people were left without electricity. I was seven, and my thoughts were on missed episodes of Mr. Ed and Flipper while my family searched for flashlights and candles. I looked out the window, and my entire neighborhood had disappeared except for a few houses illuminated by

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How Do We Live Well?

Wellness is not easy to achieve because it involves change. Our circumstances can make it difficult, even painful, to try. So how do we live well? Perhaps we can narrow our search by looking at scripture.  Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers 3 John 1:2 New

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