The Power of Asking

Have you noticed some people are uncomfortable asking for help? Is it because we don’t want to impose on others? Are we afraid we’ll appear weak? Or perhaps we feel vulnerable because the outcome is unsure? The practice of asking, however, can offer positive emotional and spiritual benefits.   “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will

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Life after Disappointments

Before you plan your next health goal, business goal or annual goal, consider closure. What do I mean? Let’s look at closure beyond its conventional definition that usually involves relationships. Although relationships are significant, unresolved circumstances or unmet expectations can affect our mindset and personal productivity. They need closure.   Reconcile Your Emotional Bank Unresolved circumstances and unmet expectations can

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15 Affordable Gift Ideas

Have you ever been afraid to regift? Are you worried about what others might think? Unfortunately, the word regifter has a negative connotation. You may think of the traveling holiday fruitcake that Aunt Betty gave Milly and somehow made its way back to Aunt Betty. Perhaps you recall the unwanted raffle prize that ended up as a white elephant gift

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Jesus is Our Solid Rock

When we were in school, we had frequent exams. In High School, we had to pass a driver’s test and prepare for the Scholastic Assessment Test. Perhaps you’ve taken a strengths test or aptitude test. Let’s not forget the pregnancy test that brings happy news to a childless couple. Some tests are easy, and others are hard. Tests can bring

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What Has God Done for You?

Do you have a Thanksgiving tradition? Perhaps you decorate your Christmas tree, or plan a mini family reunion? Around my house, the week before Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season. The tree goes up; cookies get baked, and forty-five days of Christmas music fills my home. We also watch corny Hallmark holiday movie. (Yes, I love them.) Call me nosy, but I like to

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Find Your Voice

Have you ever dreamed of starting a new business, stepping into a leadership role, or speaking in front of an audience, but fear holds you back? Fear has become a live-in bully that intimidates you into stop and be silent. God, however, wants to silence the voice of fear and release your voice of faith.     A Voice Trapped

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