Are You Too Much or Not Enough?

Have you ever felt excluded? Unfortunately, it happens all the time. People can quickly become cliquish, but I don’t think it’s always intentional. It feels safe to be around familiar people, but the excluded person can feel unwanted and their presence inconsequential. Jesus, however, loved to shatter barriers and embrace the world.   Talk of the Town Let’s take this

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Self-Confident

Last year, when I was a contestant in an international speech competition, people would often come up to me after the presentations. Some thanked me for the message. Some gave advice, and others admired my self-confidence. Self-Confidence? I thought. I had little self-confidence, but I had complete confidence in God. Faith will produce spiritual confidence that far outweighs self-confidence.  

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3 Questions to Help You Find Your Passion

I used to think I was passionate because of my Latin heritage. Growing up, everyone in my family performed every conversation. A little waving of the hands, dramatic tones, and loud voices were normal. In retrospect, they were just intense! Passion Has Become a Buzz Word Passion is a word used to define convictions, values, or strong emotions. For example,

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Live your Spiritual Pilgrimage with Confidence

Have you ever gone through a significant move? It’s a decision that will change your future in many ways. Your home, friends, and your church are left behind. You meet new neighbors, familiarize yourself with a new city, and you have to find a new hairstylist that will keep your actual hair color a secret! In many ways, our spiritual

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Last Words

Do you remember your child’s first day of school? Was it more traumatic for you than for him or her? When my daughter started school, I was an emotional wreck. I blamed my display of emotions to young motherhood. Recently, my granddaughter started preschool. This time, both my daughter and I were a wreck. Perhaps a few reminders would help,

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Circumstances Cannot Circumvent God’s Promises

Sometimes, our circumstances can weaken our trust in God. We question His character, love, and sovereignty with a whisper, “Why?” When Circumstances Shake our Faith There are times when our fears and doubts shake our faith, yet God wants to “Father” us when we feel vulnerable. He wants to connect and nurture His imperfect children because He loves us and

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