Finish Strong

“How fast can we paddle back to the beach!” I asked. “No idea,” my husband answered. “Let see how fast this double canoe can go!” I knew I could provoke Vince’s competitive side. “Okay, let’s do it.”   The Race is On It was a scorching triple-digit summer morning, but a paddle race on Lake Las Vegas was a fabulous way

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Bring Down the Jericho Walls

This past week my women’s Bible study was a blast. Jesus girls know how to blend spiritual growth with food and fun. After enjoying a helping of homemade enchiladas, a slice of pizza, finger food, and dessert (Yes, we love to eat.) we talked about Joshua 6: 2-5.   The Lord said to Joshua, “See, I have given Jericho into

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Hidden Blessings in Unanswered Prayers

Have you ever wondered if your prayers lost power during liftoff? You hear about answered prayers, and that makes it worse. Silently, you whisper, “Lord, when?” God has heard every prayer and whisper. He knows the depth of your need. He has not forgotten you. Sometimes, there are hidden blessings in unanswered prayers.   Waiting isn’t Easy Waiting isn’t easy,

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Bold and Beautiful Faith

I live in Las Vegas, so when I travel, people are often surprised that I call Las Vegas, home. They usually say, “I’m so sorry” or “Why?” I had similar comments and questions when God led us here in 2014, but after eighteen months, I have seen God’s confirmation countless times.   God’s Grace Over Sin City While living here

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The Winning Side of Losing

Have you ever had a day when you seem to lose everything? You’re getting ready for work, and you can’t find your keys or cell phone. In a desperate attempt to draw out the thief, you cry out, “Who took my keys!” We experience loss every day? We may lose opportunities, money, or even valuable time. When that happens, we

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7 Practices to Develop Your Courage

My husband and I were ready to buy our first home, but we couldn’t afford a move-in condition property. We were young. I was pregnant with a three-year-old in tow, but we were excited about our aesthetically distressed fixer upper. The house could have appeared on an HGTV reality show for one of those potential makeovers. We knew the house

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