Black Friday Special: Turn-Key Copywriting Package to Increase Your Lead Acquisition in 2024

If You're a Coach, Service Provider, or Course Creator, You've Felt The Challenge Of Moving Online Traffic To Your Email Community

You’re not alone; you need a well-written lead magnet known as a lead acquisition generator. 


People love it when you come bearing gifts. The key is to align the lead magnet with your audience’s needs and interests, providing genuine value that sets the stage for a fruitful relationship.

But it’s not easy to: 

  • Find the Sweet Spot: Knowing what offer will captivate your audience, balancing rich value and simplicity.
  • Write Magnetic Copy: Crafting text that attracts your audience, inviting engagement and action.
  • Align it with Your Vision: Ensuring your lead magnet looks great and aligns seamlessly with your order bumps and broader business strategy.


Here’s the good news. You’re just steps away from turning this challenge into a success story.

First, let’s unpack the power of a lead magnet and how it can become an essential asset in your business. 

Your Lead Magnet Is More Than Just a Freebie – It's The First Step In Building An Email List And Engaged Community

Think of your lead magnet as a versatile tool for:

  • Boosting website traffic conversion
  • Offering value during podcast guest appearances
  • Serving as a compelling call-to-action online
  • Being a delightful surprise in direct social messages

My writing journey will fast-track your success:

In 2007, I began publishing articles for high-visibility publications. The thrill of publishing was incredible, but it wasn’t a sure sign I had the chops for copywriting. It was humbling to realize that creative writing and copywriting are worlds apart – a slice of humble pie that reshaped my journey.

I invested time and resources to earn my Ray Edwards Copywriting Certification. I discovered that true copy expertise comes from experience, from understanding what works and what doesn’t. 

Now, I bring that expertise to you, saving you time and eliminating painful procrastination. 

I want to help you get your lead-acquisition resource up and running, but before I share all the deets, here’s what past clients have shared about my services and their transformative experiences. 

Check Out A few Success Stories From Satisfied Copywriting Clients Who've Experienced Transformative Results

Black Friday Lead Magnet Bundle is Now Available

It’s my inaugural Black Friday offer, and I’m thrilled to share this exclusive opportunity with you.

My Black Friday Lead Magnet Bundle Provides Done-for-You Copywriting From Start to Finish! ($5000 Value)

  • Expertly Crafted Lead Magnet: Turn-key PDF that’s designed and written to attract your ideal client
  • Engaging Landing & Thank You Page Copy: Words that captivate with curiosity and convert
  • Strategic 5-Part Email Sequence: Tailored to build trust and move your audience toward next steps
  • Social Media Engagement Boosters: 5 long-form and 15 short-form prompts to promote your lead magnet

Only $1500 during this 70% off Promotion! 

"Marisa, can't I just do this myself with AI tools like ChatGPT?"

Marisa Shadrick

While these tools offer a starting point, they lack a trained copywriter’s understanding of consumer behavior and an experienced eye.

The output often requires significant refinement – and that’s if the input is well crafted. 

Here’s where my expertise comes in: ensuring accuracy and effectiveness with every word.

Your completed lead magnet funnel will go beyond ChatGPT. 

It will sound authentic jargon-free, without stooping to overblown promises and ‘bro-marketing’ tactics.

Exclusive Black Friday Offer - Limited Time, Limited Spots

Usually, a package of this caliber is a significant investment. But for Black Friday, it’s available to three motivated entrepreneurs for only $1,500, at a 70% discount, completed in just two weeks.

But this is a first-come-first-serve offer, so if you want your lead magnet completed before December 31st, 2023, you need to act fast to get your project on my calendar.

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Here’s Your First Step:

Taking the next step in your business should feel right, not rushed. That’s why I invite you to a no-pressure call where we’ll explore if this package aligns perfectly with your needs. There’s no commitment until we both feel confident this is the right move for your business.

Why Is This Call Important?

This Black Friday offer is more than a lead magnet package; it’s a gateway to elevating your marketing strategy. I’m passionate about your success, so the best way to start is by getting to know each other,  understanding your goals, and discussing how this lead magnet will help you generate revenue. 

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