Choose the Right Focus to Propel Your Business Forward

Successful Online Solopreneurs Choose the Right Focus to Propel Their Businesses Forward

The past few months have been crazy preparing for our 2300-mile relocation. Thankfully, we’re settling in and enjoying our new home. 

My business activity had to be highly focused during those two months because I had less time to work “on my business.” I prioritized what mattered most, and here’s the odd thing. I had more income-producing results. 


Successful Entrepreneurs Know How to Distinguish Between Two Types of Activities: 

Administrative Activities, while necessary, often revolve around upkeep and organization—like answering emails, scheduling meetings, or managing files. They are the background activities that keep rhythm but do not necessarily advance the plot.

Income-generating Activities, on the other hand, are those directly tied to revenue growth. These actions move the needle for your business, such as developing new products, engaging in direct sales efforts, or implementing marketing campaigns. These activities directly contribute to the bottom line.

Focusing more on income-generating activities can dramatically accelerate business growth, turning effort into tangible progress and revenue.

But within this natural ebb and flow, fear can sneak in, detouring us to work on tasks that feel safe but don’t contribute to our growth. 


Don’t Let Fear Cloud Your Decisions and Lead You Down a Detour 


Detour #1: I should search for marketing tools before I start my campaign.

Many entrepreneurs believe they need upgraded tools because they fear being unprepared or unequipped. This belief leads to an endless cycle of purchasing more tools, watching countless tutorials, and becoming a serial learner, which delays marketing efforts and growth. 

Solution #1: Start with what you have on hand.

Focusing on one or two tools that best fit your business needs and learning through practical application can lead to more immediate and impactful results. Starting with what you have allows you to adjust and expand your toolkit as your business grows.


Detour #2: I can only start selling once I have a large email list.

This myth stems from the fear of disappointment or rejection. Many entrepreneurs hesitate to start selling because they fear failure, but as Nelson Mandela said, “I never lose. I either win or learn.”

Solution #2: Offer entry-level products and services

Building a business is about creating authentic connections, not just collecting emails. A smaller, more engaged email list can be far more effective than a large, disinterested audience. Initiating small sales early on helps you interact with your market, understand client needs, and refine your offerings based on honest feedback.


Detour #3: I must offer many products to meet every potential need.

This myth can surface from a lack of confidence in one’s core offering or a misunderstanding of the market’s needs. Entrepreneurs sometimes scatter their focus, trying to cater to all trends and demands, which can dilute their brand’s message and make their marketing efforts less effective.

Solution #3: Have a Clear Sales Proposition 

Successful businesses often start with a singular, well-defined product that addresses a specific customer pain point. This clarity in offering allows for a concentrated marketing effort and a stronger brand identity. Once this initial offering is validated and profitable, expanding the product line to include complementary items that enhance the customer journey is strategic.

As we work through these detours, align your projects with larger goals and establish a clear timeline. 

Avoiding detours breaks the busy work cycle and channels your efforts into impactful activities that drive actual results.


Determine Your Priorities and Propel Your Business Foward

If you’re not sure how to choose a priority, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will this activity generate more leads or revenue? 
  • How does this activity align with my short-term and long-term business goals?
  • Is there a consequence if I postpone this project?
  • Can this be automated or outsourced?
  • Is this the optimal time or season to undertake this task?


I know navigating an online business can be overwhelming, but remember, every expert was once a beginner. 

You can write your own success story in the digital world. 


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