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Confidently Write Effective Promotional Content While Developing the #1 Skill You Need to Get More Clicks and Sales

implement a faster and more effective method that brings consistent online sales

(without blank-screen procrastination, spending tedious hours editing content, and wondering, "how do I get people to buy online when I can't even give my stuff away?")

If you’re an online business owner, coach, or service professional wanting to generate more revenue to grow your online biz, then you probably already know you need effective marketing.  

As a marketer, writing action-moving words, also known as  COPYWRITING, is the SINGLE SKILL you must master or pay thousands of dollars hiring a professional copywriter. 

Compelling copy engages the right audience, conveys ideas or your brand message. As a result, you boost traffic and trigger a response. 

But here’s what often happens…

Marisa Shadrick

You roll up your sleeves But Silently Agonize Over the "How to Sell, To whom, results thing..."

“Do I sound salesy, narcissistic or worse yet, desperate?” 

  • Hours have gone by, and you’re not sure if your ideal client will understand the problem you solve!
  • You take a chocolate break, come back with coffee, but nothing seems to help your draft.
  • The template you used sounds canned, boring, and predictable.


Now what?

Another day goes by with an unfinished sales page.

What hurts most…



It’s that inner voice that knows it can be better, whispering, this won’t convert. Your heart is racing, and your stomach feels queasy from the coffee or from the fear of failing again. This scenario is not uncommon…

Does this sound like you?

I’ve TRIED EVERYTHING.  It’s frustrating to feel unseen and unheard, even though I’m an experienced professional.  Unfortunately, templates and design aren’t enough, but I’m not sure how to fix everything.

I feel FRUSTRATED AND DEMOTIVATED by my results. I’m wasting time and energy trying to deal with writer’s block. It takes too long to write, and I wish there were a way to speed up the process without sounding redundant.

GOOD GRIEF, I can’t get anyone to click and download my free stuff. So how in the world will I sell online? Did I niche down too much and leave out a considerable number of readers and potential customers?

I’m STRUGGLING to write all my weekly emails. I’m out of ideas! I want to keep them short but also provide value. I need a fresh approach that will make email writing easy and click-worthy. 

I get it; We've all followed shortcuts that don't work.

Many Underestimate The Need To Develop Their Copy Skills Because of Trending Templates and AI Claims

You know something is missing, but what? 

Here is the truth: 

You can’t learn to write persuasive copy from templates, AI tools, or free resources.

Free resources end up in a folder full of PDF “stuff” that doesn’t speak to your unique audience. 

The monkey sees; monkey do process doesn’t work. 

Instead, you need to understand “why” copy converts.  

Copy that sells is not about writing; it’s about people. 

It is connecting human to human. 

Here's What You Might Not Know About Effective Copywriting

Even if you feel your writing is decent (awesome), and your email list is growing while avoiding common marketing mistakes, keep in mind EFFECTIVE copywriting not only improves present results but it CAN:



Whether you’re the CEO of a multi-million-dollar company or a small online business, your website copy is crucial to the success of your business. Your website creates an opportunity for engagement as visitors discover who you are, what you do, and what you offer.



As you begin a conversation, you start a relationship. Clear communication helps you articulate what others desperately need to hear and grow a community.



A leader serves, but a leader with no voice is ineffective. Your origin story, what you believe, and how you help people is essential narrative. 



Writing allows you to showcase what you do best and unashamedly request compensation for the transformational value you offer.

Yes! I Want to Develop The #1 Skill That Increases Online Sales and Biz Growth.

But where do I start?

Copy Connection

Maybe you’re a go-getter and ready to improve your copy skill for the sake of your business. 

You’ve done some market research, read some books, and your offer is exploding with benefits. 

Perhaps your drive to conquer the online space led you to invest in tools and templates—no shame in that. 

But somehow, you didn’t expect to be at a loss for words, even with templates. Instead, procrastination turned days into weeks and weeks into months. Deadlines forced you to write so-so emails and a sales page that isn’t getting you any clicks. 


Here’s why most online entrepreneurs give up on the work-from-home dream. 

Without a systematic method to writing with a step-by-step implementation method, overwhelm creeps in and attacks their confidence.  

They begin to think that being online is arduous and painful because they don’t know how to write action-driven copy. 


Here’s how this problem delays results and puts your business in jeopardy. 

As a busy person with family and business to juggle day in and day out, you can’t afford to get derailed. 

And the longer you wait, the harder it is to stay motivated. But more importantly, you delay revenue momentum, which puts your dreams at risk. 

Discovering how to write persuasive words online should be your highest priority. 


Here’s what this means for you…

Not many business owners take copywriting seriously, narrowing the competition in your industry. 

That means it’s not too late to give your messaging an overhaul and begin to attract prospects that turn into buying customers. 


Don’t lose confidence in yourself or your products and services. 

  • Copywriting is not about clever ads but understanding human psychology. 
  • Successful copywriters customize tried and true “methods” without reinventing the wheel.
  • High-converting copy is the result of assembling these methods. 


In a nutshell…

Successful copywriters have spent decades testing what works and what doesn’t. The secret is communicating a solution that aligns with your prospect’s most dominant desire.

However, it’s only possible when you decide to make copywriting a priority in your business and sidestep common mistakes. 

3 Common Mistakes That Can Lead to Irreversible Online Failure

1. Believing Creative Writing Is The Same As Direct-Response Copywriting

Many creative writers believe they have the skills to write direct-response copy. What could be so hard?

Clever or creative writing has its place, but it doesn’t compel people to take action.

You have a few seconds to attract and engage someone online. Your message, therefore, must communicate a clear, targeted message that includes psychological triggers.

Direct-Response copywriting includes these emotional triggers and moves a reader into action without manipulation. 


2. Using Lack of Time As A Reason For “Good Enough” Copy 

Busy entrepreneurs become overwhelmed with deadlines. As a result, they post “good enough” content in today’s competitive market.

The “Good enough” philosophy produces mediocre promotions that underperform while competitors create stellar marketing campaigns.

Here’s what you need to understand. Writing copy isn’t time spent; it’s time invested. The time required to recover from a failed launch is more significant than investing your time to write eye-catching promotions that continue to produce revenue month after month. 


3. Writing Copy In Isolation Is A Hit And Miss Process

Authors often use social media communities and editors to gain feedback. Without that, it isn’t easy to improve a piece of writing. It’s no different with copywriting–especially when you’re getting started. 

You need a credible mentor who will guide you down a step-by-step path—someone who will answer questions and simplify your writing experience. 

You also need a community that will give you feedback. These resources help today’s online entrepreneurs succeed and scale.


Here's a little secret

Anyone can use the same secrets famous copywriters used to revolutionize the art of advertising. No Prior Experience Needed!

Even though templates and AI tools claim to provide quick copy–they’re not claiming clicks or sales. Your audience is smart, and they’re tired of overused templates.

While many online entrepreneurs, use professional copywriters to handle their marketing,

…start-up entrepreneurs struggle to grow their community, let alone sell products or services. 

As you’ve seen, copywriting is a specific skill with a specific purpose-clicks and sales. 

Copywriting is at the heart of marketing. 

While many can write, writing alone is not enough.  

The #1 driving force is mastering direct-response copywriting and using the secrets that top famous copywriters used to revolutionize the art of advertising. 

And with your permission, let me show you how:


The Ultimate Copywriting Solution That Transforms A
Struggling Writer into A Professional Marketer

Copy Connection
  • Apply the best and most effective copy secrets from successful copywriters, every month.
  • Fast-track your writing with LIVE coaching, worksheets, writing prompts, and critiques.
  • Discover how to uncover “voice of customer” for irresistible triggers.
  • Shorten the learning curve and get the help you need to transform your offers into a compelling and marketable product.
  • Access free online tools that will help you assemble stellar copy.

Everything You Need For High-Converting Copy Without Becoming a Professional Copywriter 

Tired of saying...

Start saying...

12-Month Membership

Copy Connection

A membership site for do-it-yourself online business owners! 

Take control of your marketing with copy techniques that will make your offers irresistible.

Copy Connection

Step-by-step Monthly Training, Q&A, and Critiques with a Certified Copywriter

Stage 01

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Engage With Your Unique Solution

stage 03

turn Leads into Customers

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optimize Your Brand

A Simple and actionable process

Assemble Your Copy One Section at a Time with the Help of a Certified Copywriter

Copy Connection

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Copy Connection

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Copy Connection


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Find the problem, diagnose it, and fix it–in less time and with more clarity. It’s challenging to give our work an unbiased review. We need help to discover why our copy isn’t converting. This 5-day copy intensive will help you transform your sales copy from good to great.


[masterclass] What to say on a sales call for a win/win experience! (Valued $495)

It’s not easy to know what to say when you call a potential customer for the first time. But the truth is, preparation is critical. Simplify the sales process through conversation. This masterclass shares the questions experts use to close million-dollar deals.


[Masterclass] the courtship of copy and tech & how to get them hitched! (Valued $295)

As entrepreneurs, our mantra should be “we can do all things…” Yet, tech has a way of delaying our momentum. Discover how tech and copy produce dynamic marketing results. This masterclass shares simple tools and techniques anyone can use-without added cost. 


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Copy Connection is the best investment to help you increase sales.

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♦Understand what it takes to communicate, engage, and convert your audience.

But if you have lingering reservations. I’m ready to back up my claim.

Join today! If, for whatever reason, you feel this program is not a good fit for you, let us know within the first 30 days. If you’re not thrilled, I’m less thrilled.

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That’s my Copy Connection’s No hassle; No Pressure 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

“You seldom run across someone with tenacity, mental stamina, and the skillset needed to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs. Marisa brings her copywriting skills to the table so you can blaze through the virtual noise.”

Marie Sonneman

“Before Marisa helped me with my copy, I had taken two copywriting courses and was still struggling because my copy was vague and lacked specificity. Marisa helped me get specific to speak to my perfect client. In addition, Marisa helps you get out of your head, stop feeling intimidated by the words on the page, and move into action.”

Joantahn Milligan

“Marisa’s an all-star. My email marketing is my heart and soul and how I communicate my brand to the people who are in my audience. I was blown away by the first series of emails Marisa wrote for me. Not only was it in my voice, but we had better open rates, engagement, and clicks.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

No matter when you begin, everyone starts with Quick-Start training and access to all the bonuses. Then, each month, this drip-style coaching membership unlocks new concepts to master. You’ll experience less overwhelm as you focus on one writing block at a time. It’s a twelve-month step-by-step approach to mastery. At the end of the twelve months, you’ll have the option to renew your membership at a special (annual) alumni price. 

Copy Connection is a hands-on annual coaching membership. Ask questions, gain support, and obtain feedback. As long as your membership is active and in good standing, you can access the curriculum, participate in all the LIVE group coaching calls and copy critiques. You can renew your membership at the alumni price; however, access to the content ends if your membership expires or you cancel. The bonuses, however, are yours to keep.

This membership features curated content from leading copywriters distilled for non-writers who don’t want to spend hours learning theory. Each lesson (or writing block) is structured to build upon itself for retention and effectiveness. Using the Pomodoro method and writing prompts, you’ll write authentic copy faster and receive feedback and support along the way.

Of course! You’ll have more clarity about your market and how to position your brand. Create online continuity starting with your website and across social media platforms. Dodge the common mistakes and achieve success faster by doing it the right way with high-converting copy skills. You’ll even find tech tips in the bonus material that will build your virtual confidence.

Join today! If, for whatever reason, you feel this program is not a good fit for you, let us know within the first 30 days. If you’re not thrilled, I’m less thrilled.

Reach out, and I will return your entire investment–immediately. All you have to do is contact Plus, as a gesture of goodwill, keep the bonuses valued at $2,000.

That’s my Copy Connection’s No hassle; No Pressure 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Marisa Shadrick

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Marisa Shadrick

If you’re an online entrepreneur struggling to sell your digital products or services, this is for you. 

It’s not enough to have a marketable product or service; your copy must attract, engage, qualify, and lead your reader to one solution, YOU!

I’m a marketing coach and direct response copywriter who understands the challenges you face in today’s market. Let me help you create positive change in the world. 

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