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Many Underestimate The Need To Develop Their Copy Skills Because of Trending Templates and AI Claims

You know something is missing, but what? 

Here is the truth: 

You can’t learn to write persuasive copy from templates or AI tools. You still have to edit, so what will you say?

Free resources and templates can provide a framework, but they’ll never speak intimately to your unique audience. 

The monkey sees; monkey do process doesn’t work. 

Instead, you need to understand “why” copy converts.  

Copy that sells is not about writing clever text; it’s about people. 

It’s connecting human to human. 

Does this sound like you?

I’ve TRIED EVERYTHING.  It’s frustrating to feel unseen and unheard, even though I’m an experienced professional.  My templates and design aren’t enough, but I’m not sure how to fix everything.

I feel FRUSTRATED AND DEMOTIVATED by my results. I’m wasting time staring at a blank screen. Writing takes too long, and I wish there were a way to speed up the writing process.

GOOD GRIEF, I can’t get anyone to click and download my free stuff. So how in the world will I sell online? Did I niche down too much and exclude my ideal audience and potential customers?

I’m STRUGGLING to write all my weekly emails. I’m out of ideas! I want to keep them short but also provide value. I need a fresh approach that will make email writing easy and click-worthy. 

3 Common Mistakes That Can Lead to Conversion Failure

1. Believing Creative Writing Is The Same As Direct-Response Copywriting

  • Creative writing has its place but doesn’t compel people to take action.
  • You have a few seconds to attract and engage someone online. Your message, therefore, must communicate a clear, targeted message that includes psychological triggers.
  • Direct-response copywriting includes emotional triggers that move a reader into action without manipulation.


2. Settling For “Good Enough” Copy and Expecting Extraordinary Results 

  • Busy entrepreneurs become overwhelmed with deadlines. As a result, they post “good enough” content in today’s competitive market.
  • The “good enough” philosophy produces mediocre promotions that underperform.
  • The time lost from a failed launch is greater than the time invested in writing eye-catching promotions that continue to produce revenue.


3. Writing Copy In Isolation Is A Hit And Miss Process

  • Authors use editors to gain feedback. Without that, it’s hard to finish a well-written book. It’s no different with copywriting–especially when you’re getting started.
  • You need a credible mentor who will guide you down a step-by-step path—someone who will answer questions and simplify your writing experience.
  • You also need a community that will give you feedback. These resources help today’s online entrepreneurs succeed and scale.

Here's a little secret

Anyone can use the same secrets A-list copywriters used to revolutionize the art of advertising--without prior experience!


If you’re an online content creator, coach, or service professional wanting to generate more revenue to grow your online biz, then you probably already know you need effective marketing.  

That’s Why…

  • As a marketer, writing action-moving words, also known as  COPYWRITING, is the SINGLE SKILL you must master or pay thousands of dollars to hire a professional copywriter. 
  • Compelling copy engages the right audience and conveys ideas or your brand message. As a result, you boost traffic and trigger a response. 
  • Copywriting is at the heart of marketing. 


While many can write, writing is not enough.  

The #1 driving force is mastering direct-response copywriting and using the secrets that top famous copywriters used to revolutionize the art of advertising. 


Let me show you where to begin…


The Ultimate Copywriting Solution That Transforms A
Struggling Writer into A Professional Marketer

Copy Connection
  • Apply the best and most effective copy secrets from successful copywriters, every month.
  • Fast-track your writing with LIVE coaching, worksheets, writing prompts, and critiques.
  • Discover how to uncover your market’s voice for irresistible triggers.
  • Shorten the learning curve and get the help you need to transform your offers into revenue-generating products.
  • Access free online resources that will help you assemble stellar copy.

Everything You Need For High-Converting Copy Without Becoming a Professional Copywriter 

Stop saying...

Start saying...

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Copy Connection

A membership site for do-it-yourself online business owners! 

Take control of your marketing with copy techniques that will make your offers irresistible.

Copy Connection

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Copy Connection

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No Stranger Danger...

You seldom run across someone with tenacity, mental stamina, and the skill set needed to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs. Marisa brings her copywriting skills to the table so you can blaze through the virtual noise.

Mike Kim

Marisa Shadrick brings razor-sharp clarity to the often vague and mysterious “personal brand” industry like no other coach out there. She’s practical, generous, whip-smart, and most importantly stands strong on her values of integrity and authenticity. I’ve worked with and personally trained Marisa in the concepts I’ve used for years in personal branding, and her skill as a coach and copywriter can help you gain the clarity you need for your business and life.

Joantahn Milligan

Marisa’s an all-star. My email marketing is my heart and soul and how I communicate my brand to the people who are in my audience. I was blown away by the first series of emails Marisa wrote for me. Not only was it in my voice, but we had better open rates, engagement, and clicks.


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But if you have lingering reservations. I’m ready to back up my claim.

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As entrepreneurs, our mantra should be “we can do all things…” Yet, tech has a way of delaying our momentum. Discover how tech and copy produce dynamic marketing results. This masterclass shares the tools and strategies you’ll need for effective marketing.  

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Marisa Shadrick

Meet Your Copywriting Mentor

Hello, I'm
Marisa Shadrick

If you’re an online entrepreneur struggling to sell your digital products or services, this is for you. 

It’s not enough to have a marketable product or service; your copy must attract, engage, qualify, and lead your reader to one solution, YOU!

I’m a marketing coach and direct response copywriter who understands your challenges in today’s market. Let me help you create positive change in the world. 

P.S. Still have questions?

I’m happy to clarify the process or answer any burning questions about Copy Connection. You can email us at, and we’ll be in touch within 24 business hours to schedule a call. 

Stay Resilient! 



Marisa Shadrick

Online Marketing Coach and Certified Copywriter