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Relationships Matter!

Marisa Shadrick

Marketing Coach and Certified Copywriter

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You don’t have to struggle alone and delay success... I can help you sell your online products or services by improving your marketing strategy through my coaching programs or copywriting services.

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Website Copy

Design is not enough; you need a clear brand message. Your website creates the first impression. Let visitors know who you are, what you do, and how you can help. Leverage three website pages with done-for-you copywriting.

Sales Pages

A Sales Page must include proven marketing strategies. It begins with market research. The writing communicates a clear product description, benefits, credibility, testimonials, bonuses, deliverables, guarantees, and more.

Email Sequences

Save time without sacrificing your brand voice by outsourcing your email campaigns. Trying to persuade your readers to click a button, register for a webinar, or increase engagement? Email marketing is your answer.

Business Coaching

Do you need professional feedback? Or perhaps you need a profit plan that takes you from lead magnet to sales. As an online marketing coach, I can help you transform your ideas into a compelling and marketable message.

Free Online Training

If you write your copy, this training will help you…

Turn ordinary writing into magnetic marketing. 

✅ Discover copywriting secrets that will simplify your writing process and command action from your readers without phony hype. 

✅ Remove the complexity of engagement, and get your message out into the world regardless of online distractions.

✅ Improve your existing promotional campaigns, and transform your ideas into a compelling and marketable message for increased sales. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Copywriting and coaching are not per-hour services. If they were, you would pay way too much. Instead, I aim for results, so I charge accordingly based on the time needed and scope of work.  We begin with a free 30-minutes coaching call to determine your next best step. We discuss options, and if you need multiple services, I’ll review your request and put together a money-saving multi-package proposal.

You, my friend, are a clean slate. That means this is the perfect time to consider a copywriter or coach. You will save time and frustration creating your brand message, developing engagement strategies, list-building tactics, and your first product launch. I provide low-entry group coaching programs for individuals just like you. 

It’s hard to determine the next strategic step, especially when there are so many moving parts. Your growth plan should include list-building and income-producing activity. During our free 30-minute coaching call, I will ask you a series of questions and make some recommendations. I promise you will walk away with fresh ideas because we all have our blind spots. 

Depending on the copywriting project or scope of work, prepaid copy always takes the highest priority. You can expect a realistic timeframe for first drafts that can be as early as one or two weeks. One-on-one coaching programs (upon availability) range from four to eight weeks. I periodically offer group accountability and coaching memberships as well.