Don’t Underestimate Your Value in Business

Women contribute 50% of the modern workforce.

Women bring emotional support to others.

Women have those hard conversations to improve personal and work relationships.

Women pursue careers and find time to chauffeur the kids or grandkids.

Women plan vacations, holidays, and birthday celebrations to create lasting memories.

Women turn a house into a home.

Women clean (sort of) and feed their families even if it’s fast food–no judging.

As amazing as women can be multitasking every day, they often undervalue themselves.

In business, women bring professional skills to the table just as men do.

But women often accept less compensation than they deserve. Why?

My friend, Jill Wright, is a money coach. No, she doesn’t help you budget your money, she helps you make money.

In this video, Jill shares what it takes to create a fair business exchange and earn what you are worth.

Your contribution to this world is valuable, and you deserve to earn what you are worth.

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