Email Marketing Fundamentals and Why It’s Important

I love getting emails from Vans, even though I know it’s an email marketing campaign. Why?

I have seventeen pairs of Vans shoes, nine flannels, three sweatshirts, Christmas pajamas, and a couple of sweat pants. Yes, I’m a Vans fan.

I want to take advantage of their sales and stay in the know.

Believe it or not, you’re subscribers want to hear from you too. They want to take advantage of opportunities and stay in the know.

That’s why email marketing is important.


What is Email Marketing?

Another name for email marketing is direct marketing because it distributes content to interested individuals.

Email marketing is often called a strategy, but it’s so much more; it’s an infrastructure.

It’s how you stay connected and nurture your community.

Emails or “campaigns” keep subscribers informed. They receive helpful content or news about upcoming products or services.


7 Reason Email Marketing is Important

  1. You own the list. Unlike social media, where algorithms change, nothing will compromise your relationship with your community.
  2. You are sending emails to a warm list. This means you’ve gone beyond “stranger danger” because they’ve given you an email address.
  3. Email marketing has a higher conversion rate than any other marketing strategy.
  4. You increase trust and build relationships.
  5. An email in an inbox is personal.
  6. You can send targeted emails that align with your audience’s interests.
  7. Emails can be automated, making this infrastructure a win.


How to Choose an Email Service Provider

Some folks go with a free provider. Although that’s certainly an option, I would suggest you keep the long-game in mind.

Do your due diligence and compare features. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a new tool.

1. Integration: Does the provider directly integrate with your online tools and services without needing a third-party tool.


2. Customer Service: Can you speak to a real person? Having someone help you figure out tech is a game-changer.


3. Easy-to-follow Tutorials: Give me a video library, and I’m a happy camper.


After testing various email service providers, I switched to Active Campaign. They met my criteria, and I can create forms and automations easily.


3 Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

If you have an effective content marketing strategy and you’ve optimized every post before you hit publish, you should have a clear plan for your emails too.

Consider the recipient and how your email will guide, support, or introduce a new product or service. In other words, keep the end in mind and determine their next step based on their awareness of you and your services.

Three types of emails you will create.

1. Welcome Email(s) – This can be one, two, or three emails that are automatically triggered when someone submits a form.


2. Nurturing Email – This is your weekly communication that supports and informs your audience. It can be a blog post, podcast, or simply a tip.


3. Promotional Email(s) – Depending on the length of your campaign, craft a series of emails that will invite people to register to an event or buy a product or service.



The Best Way to Improve Your Campaigns

There’s one way you can immediately improve your emails, even if you’re not a writer or even a certified copywriter.

The one secret is storytelling. I love this quote.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin.

Anyone can tell a story. As an email marketer, tell a story. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, but it must relate to the point of the email. Use pop culture, nostalgia, news, or personal stories to engage your readers.

Bonus Tip! Make sure your headlines attract and engage your audience.



5 Tips to Optimize Your Email Marketing Efforts

As marketers, we want to grow our email list, but we also want a healthy email list.

You want your list to consist of people who genuinely want to hear from you.

You can do a few things to reduce unsubscribers, unconfirmed emails, or end up in the spam folder.


1. Leverage your Thank You page 

Create a customized thank you page for each form. Reassure your subscriber that an email is on the way. Let them know that if they don’t see an email from you within a few minutes, they should check their junk folder. This is your only opportunity to address the junk folder monster.


2. Whitelist Request

In your first email, ask them to “whitelist” your email. You don’t know if they found you in their junk folder. This will safeguard future emails. A whitelist means they’ve added your email to their approved sender’s list.


3. Don’t Use Sales Language

If you use sales language in your subject line or copy, it may trigger spam filters. Words like earn, guarantee, opportunity, income could trigger spam filters. Avoid ALL CAPS and excessive punctuation marks as well.

Active Campaign looks for spammy words automatically for you, but if you don’t have Active Campaign, here’s a tool called Mail Tester. This tool generates a spamminess email score.


4. Check Your Open Rate

This data will tell you which emails are working and which need improvement.


5. Re-engagement Plan

Many email service providers offer an automated re-engagement system.

In Active Campaign, this automation works behind the scenes using triggers to determine engagement. Inactivity after a designated time (of your choosing) will enter subscribers into a re-engagement sequence.

If they do not respond after multiple attempts, they’re automatically unsubscribed. Remember, this is how you keep your email list healthy.


What the Email Marketing Training for More Tips


Take the Mystery Out of Email Marketing

Consider your audience when you decide on the length and frequency of an email. What makes sense?

Pay attention to the emails you open. What caused you to click and read. Were the emails easy to consume? Did they provide value?

One-sided communication isn’t easy. Let your personality shine. Open with a short narrative, and get to the point of the email quickly.

Remember, behind every email is a real person waiting for your content.


Need Help With Your Copy?

You have options! Go to the “Need Help?” tab and schedule a call.


Stay resilient.

Marisa Shadrick

Online Marketing Coach and Certified Copywriter

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