Evernote Makes Content Creation Simple and Easy

Why Evernote Makes Content Creation Simple and Easy

Would you put your milk in the pantry?

How helpful would it be to have your spare tire in the garage?

It’s no different with your digital resources.

If you’re a content creator, you need an easy and simple system.

Evernote can keep you organized so you can reach your goals.



My Digital Binder

Evernote has become a project management system with built-in features.

I’ve used Evernote since 2013, but Evernote’s upgrades are a game-changer.

Here are a few of Evernote’s features.

  • Sync and organize across your desktop and mobile devices.
  • Web Clipper Chrome Extension makes research easy.
  • Ready-to-use templates, app integration, and document scanning.

I’ll show you how I create content, research a topic, and stay on task.


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Resources Mentioned in the LiveStream

Evernote Price Plans

The Web Clipper (Chrome Extension)

Ready-to-Use Templates

Google Alerts sends content to your Gmail Account

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer 

Trello (I’ll be sharing how I use Trello in a future LiveStream)


Previous Posts Mentioned in the LiveStream

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