Find Your Zeal for a Spiritual Life

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Like me, you probably set spiritual goals for the New Year, but life can sabotage best intentions. When apathy whispers, “quit,” find your zeal for a spiritual life.

For the past few weeks, we’ve considered How to Find Your Destiny and how to Find Freedom to Live Your God Story. God gives us clarity as we move forward. New opportunities unfold. Some call this a spiritual spring season.” During this season, there’s growth and opportunity. Unfortunately, we have a spiritual enemy who lies about our value, credibility and “Kingdom”contribution to frustrate our mission.  

God’s Supersized Plan

God’s plan will challenge us, excite us and cultivate our fallow hearts for spiritual growth. Why?

I believe He enjoys a “supersized” plan that is hard for the human heart to fathom.

Just think of God’s plan for salvation. Sin brought doom, but God had a supersized plan.

These are the facts concerning the birth of Jesus Christ: His mother, Mary, was engaged to be married to Joseph. But while she was still a virgin she became pregnant by the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 1:18 Living Bible

‘Listen! The virgin shall conceive a child! She shall give birth to a Son, and he shall be called “Emmanuel” (meaning “God is with us”).’”

Matthew 1:23 Living Bible

Can you image Mary’s and Joseph’s thoughts about God’s supersized plan?

God’s supersized plan can’t be carried out with human effort. It requires supernatural power. That’s the blessing and the challenge we encounter when we live God’s plan. We have no control—only a choice.

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When we feel fatigued or discouraged, we can remember we’re collaborating with God in His supersized plan. His plans are never flawed.

Lost and Found

The other morning, I went to the kitchen to make breakfast.  I gathered my vitamins while my gluten-free bread was toasting. A vitamin dropped on the tile floor. I looked down to pick it up, but I couldn’t see it. The vitamin was the same color as the tile.

I didn’t want my dog or my two-year-old granddaughter to find the vitamin and eat it, so I decided to get on my knees and touch each tile until I found the vitamin. My posture and diligence paid off—vitamin found!

Isn’t life similar? God’s plan often gets camouflaged by daily challenges, and we lose God’s vision for our lives. But when we get on our knees and touch the heart of God, we find what we lost. 

Interview Your Heart

When we lose our zeal, we need to find direction. We need to hear God speak to our hearts, but to say, “God speaks to our hearts,” seems intangible.

For me, God simply guides my thoughts and aligns them to His word.

In a manner of speaking, I interview my heart. I begin to ask myself hard questions, and I address any ghosts from the past. Open-ended questions will flush out festering lies. Even if I make a mistake, God redeems those mistakes, and they become a guiding light for the future.      

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Apathy to Zeal

Mark Jobe, author of Unstuck: Out of Your Cave into Your Call wrote, “Know what we are not called to do is just as important as knowing what we are called to do.”

God can direct our thoughts and help us “know what we are not called to do” and what we are called to do. You’ll find His direction within an ocean of choices. It might get scary to follow His plan, but God doesn’t leave us unaided.    

God will change apathy to zeal, weakness to strength and fear into faith. Fear has no right to live in a sanctified heart.

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Dr. Rob Reimer, pastor and author of Pathways to the King: – Living a Life of Spiritual Renewal and Power stated, “If we had a greater grip on eternity, our prayers wouldn’t be so bound by the temporary.”

We have to look at the big picture and see life beyond our temporary circumstances. Soon, the joy of the Lord will become our strength, and we’ll find our zeal for a spiritual life.   


Marisa Shadrick


Taylor, K. N. (1997). The living Bible, paraphrased. Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House.

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