First 3 Steps to Course Creation – For Non-Techy Creators

If your brilliance has a monetary value for a specific audience, then it’s time to think about course creation.

Course creation is a huge subject, and there are numerous ways of getting the job done. It’s really up to personal preference, features, and how much you want to spend.

Before you spend money on a course platform, there are preliminary things to consider that will make the process easier.

First, ask yourself these questions.

  1. Will my course save or make someone money?
  2. Will my course save people time?
  3. Will my course provide a needed skill?


Say, “Yes,” to one or more of these questions, and Shazam! You’re ready to start.


Step 1: Register and Host Your Domain Name

Here’s my non-techy explanation of a domain because I’m not a tech person. Hang with me.

Whatever course platform or plugin you choose to host your course, it’s best to have an owned IP Address that’s recognized by a Domain Name and becomes your URL for the course.

The domain is hosted or held in a cyber cloud, so when people type the URL, it connects to the server, and Ta-Da, people find you on the Internet.

Whew! That’s as techy as I get.

Course platforms have unique templates and functionality so you can sell courses. Typically, it’s not where you post your blog.


Let me give you an example and show you my domains.

My website is

My domain for my courses is

These are two separate URL’s because the templates are different–one allows me to create pages and posts, and the other has all the functionality for courses.

Notice the “s” after HTTP? I have an SSL Certificate, which means I can send information securely over the Internet. Site secure. Your host may include this as part of the service, or you may have to purchase it separately.

You want to purchase your domain because many names get taken quickly–even if it’s your birth name.  Use this link to search for available domains.


Step 2: Choose an Email Service Provider

In short, an email service provider helps you collect and manage emails.

Like I mentioned earlier, the choice lies in personal preference, features, and how much you want to spend.

Here are three popular options.

MailChimp – Starting Package, Free (up to 2,000 subscribers)

Convert KitStarting Package, Free (up to 1,000 subscribers)

Active Campaign – 14-Day Free Trial with Starting Package at  $9/mo (under 500 subscribers)

Kajabi– 14-Day Free Trial with Starting Package at $119/mo (up to 10,000 subscribers)

You want to grow your community while creating your course by offering free content in exchange for an email. Why?

It’s easier t sell to an audience that knows you, likes you, and trusts you–an audience that you’ve served and helped.

Check out my FREE PDF, List-Building Blueprint, for ideas and resources.


Step 3: Create Your Training Videos

What? Create my videos before I get a course platform?


You’ll spend more time here than anywhere else, so why spend money before your course is ready to go?

Here are some tips.

1. Do a survey.

Questions become the stepping stones to clarity!

Create a private Facebook group where you can test some of your content.

Post a question on social media or start a pilot program that will help you test-drive your course.

2. Mindmap Your Ideas

You can do this old-school style or use a digital mind-mapping tool like SimpleMind or Mindmaster to brainstorm your ideas. I also like to use Trello to add notes and organize content. All of these are free tools!

3. Record the Training

Zoom is well known these days. During the pandemic, many people connected online with this video conferencing tool, but you can use it for your training videos.

Schedule a meeting with yourself and use the record feature to record either face-to-camera training or a shared PowerPoint presentation in Zoom.

Here’s the best part! You can get a free Zoom account with a 40-min limit. That is plenty of time to create one 7-12-minute video lesson.


First 3 Steps to Course Creation – For Non-Techy Creators

A replay of the LIVE Training!


In the video, I reference a Free PDF Resource called “List-Building Blueprint.”  Click Here to download the resource.

Next week, I’ll share 4 Ways to Host Your Course Videos – Pros and Cons 

I hope you join me LIVE on Facebook every Wednesday at Noon PST. Click Here for text notifications.


Stay resilient!

Marisa Shadrick

Online Content Strategist & Certified Copywriter

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