Get Your Holiday Game Plan Done Before Thanksgiving

We’ve all heard of the famous organizer Marie Kondo who sparks joy by being tidy.

Or maybe you caught the Get Organized Show with “The Home Edit” duo on Netflix who helped celebrity Reese Witherspoon from “Legally Blonde” get her memorabilia organized.

Well, if you want to drop a couple of hundred dollars an hour to get organized, that can get costly.

Why is the organization topic such a hot topic?

People desperately want to go from “chaos to calm.”


Help for Busy Entrepreneurs

Busy online entrepreneurs do not need one more thing added to their to-do list. It can lead to overwhelm.

So let me ask you this.

Are you secretly dreading the upcoming holiday season?

Don’t let it turn you into Mr. Grinch!

You can simplify the holiday madness.


Get Your Holiday Game Plan Done Before Thanksgiving

On this LiveStream, certified productivity specialist, Marla Regan, provides a few hacks to simplify life and bring back your “Ho, Ho, Ho.”

Watch the video and discover how you can once again enjoy, and not dread, this wonderful season!


Interview Highlights

Once you get mentally prepared, productivity follows, ~ Marla

Holiday Hack #1

  1. Sign up for a free Trello Account (Click Here for a quick tutorial.)
  2. Once you secure a free account, download the Trello app to sync your content.
  3. Create a board with lists and cards.
  4. Share a board with family members. They will only see the boards you share.
  5. Take a picture of your decorated house and drop it in Trello, so you have a quick reference next year.


Holiday Hack #2

Ask all your family members to create an Amazon Wish List.

Share the “list” links with family members. No more guessing or after Christmas exchanges.

This is a perfect way for loved ones scattered all over the country to celebrate in a personal way.


Holiday Hack #3 

Create a Family Facebook Group!

Share holiday photos, go LIVE with the grandkids, share video, and have fun despite social distancing,

Keep the memories going after Christmas and celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and memorable moments with the whole family.


Help is On the Way

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a workable plan to prepare for the holiday season by Thanksgiving?

Marla has a customized strategic plan of action for you.

Her four-week coaching program is usually $97, but Get Your Holiday Game Plan Done Before Thanksgiving is only $47.

Let an expert help you get your holiday planning done and relax for a change.


In the memo, type “Holiday” to guarantee this special offer.

As a special bonus, you will also receive Marla’s “Be Your Guest” PDF checklist that will turn hospitality into a 5-star guest experience.


About Marla Regan

Marla is a Certified Productivity Coach and the owner of Organized Time.

Marla has been helping clients with their clutter, mentally as well as physically, since 1997.

As a Productivity Specialist, she has spoken to groups across the country about Time Management and Organization for over 30 years.

Contact Marla:


Stay Resilient!

Marisa Shadrick

Digital Strategist and Certified Copywriter

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