God’s Light Can Pierce My Darkness

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Blue wark table and chairIn 1965, New York City experienced a significant blackout and more than 30 million people were left without electricity.

I was seven, and my thoughts were on missed episodes of Mr. Ed and Flipper while my family searched for flashlights and candles.

I looked out the window, and my entire neighborhood had disappeared except for a few houses illuminated by a beam of light that pierced the darkness. I leaned closer toward the window and asked my mother, “Mommy, what is that?”

It’s the moon,” she answered as she continued to look for more candles.

My curiosity seemed silly, but I had never seen a full moon in such a setting. New York’s moonlight was often obscured by smog and artificial city lights. I found myself mesmerized by the moon and the tapestry of stars. It was magnificent and strangely comforting. My existence seemed small compared to God’s creation, but creation seemed small compared to God. I whispered in amazement, “God, you’re so big!”   

Decades later, I think back on that experience. God unplugged 30 million people to show me a glimpse of His supremacy. Well, perhaps not, but it’s a reminder that earthly glimmer can obscure God’s light. The world may temporarily brighten our lives, but when circumstances become dark, it lacks power.

When I find myself in a spiritual gloom, God’s light can pierce my darkness. Mesmerized by His loving light of truth, I once again find comfort, and whisper in childlike amazement, “God, you’re so big!”  

Have a blessed weekend.

Marisa Shadrick



Delight in God’s supremacy with childlike amazement! (Click to Tweet)

God’s light can pierce my darkness. (Click to Tweet)

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