Grow Your Platform; Grow Your Influence

This week, my computer crashed!

Black to blue screen.

Scary, to say the least.

In my desperation, guess what I did?

I went to The Great Google to find a local computer repair service.

In less than 24 hours, my computer was up and running, and it only cost me $50. (David is my new friend.)


Do You Have a platform?

Today, people search for answers online.

​​The search leads them to someone’s platform with relevant content, aka a blog.

Some people may say, I don’t need a blog. Blogs are dead.

During the pandemic, I guarantee any online articles, news, or medical information you read was a blog.


Blogs Have Evolved, but They’re Not Dead

Today, a blog is more than the traditional mommy blog.

A blog offers regular updates on a website that adds value in the form of graphics, articles, commentaries, reviews, or videos.

This valuable content will grow your platform.

The one thing that is killing online content creators is not having an existing platform with content.

What is a platform? Why is it important?

Watch this short video, and I’ll give you an overview.


How to Grow a Platform

Here are seven quick tips for growing your online platform.
1. Develop Your Brand Message
2. Launch Your Website
3. Provide Relevant Content on the Website
4. Grow Your Email List with Free Offers
5. Become a Guest Contributor
6. Consider Affiliate Partnership
7. Budget for Paid Ads

Stay Resilient



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