How Challenges Can Help You Grow & Become Resilient

Resiliency is possible!

We live in a fractured world, but we can rise above the emotional noise and live a focused and productive life.

We can coexist with tension and adversity.


  • Stop giving negative emotions all your attention. Doubt, insecurity, and fear are relentless–they want your allegiance.
  • Let your emotions expose your deepest thoughts.
  • Align your thoughts with reason and truth.



Negative or limiting beliefs will wear you down. It will lead to fatigue or apathy.

Address these thoughts head-on, and you’ll begin to develop daily resilience. You’ll attack every thought that triggers debilitating emotions.

When you practice daily resilience, it becomes part of your story and your identity.

You are free to live the life God intended.



Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Training

✔️ How to respond and not react to today’s caustic voices.

✔️ How to develop daily resilience that will serve you well and position you for success.

✔️ How to become confident in who you are rather than reducing your existence to a job role or title.


You were made for more!

Resilience is rooted in the endless pursuit of personal growth where obstacles become a mere opportunity to grow and glorify God.



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What does this have to do with your mission, calling, or business?

Your work is an extension of who you are. Protect and cultivate who you are, and the rest will follow.

Choose Resilience Today for a Better Tomorrow.

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Stay Resilient

Marisa Shadrick

Digital Strategist and Certified Copywriter


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