How Do We Live Well?

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wellness copyWellness is not easy to achieve because it involves change. Our circumstances can make it difficult, even painful, to try. So how do we live well? Perhaps we can narrow our search by looking at scripture.

 Beloved, I pray

that in all respects you may prosper

and be in good health,

just as your soul prospers

3 John 1:2 New American Standard

Bible experts agree that the word “prosper,” in John’s prayer for Gaius, included physical well-being, revelation of truth, and capacity to get along. There is, however, one subtle preface, just as your soul prospers. There seems to be a correlation between soul and wellness. Let’s view this scripture in action, and learn from someone who has prospered against all odds.   

nick-closeupNick Vujicic is a remarkable man of God. Born without arms and legs, he uses his circumstance to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but this isn’t another believer’s happy story. It’s the raw reality that life can be tough and without simple solutions. Nick went through seasons of doubt and discouragement. He tried to commit suicide, but God renewed his mind and showed him how to accept himself and find purpose. In an Oprah interview he recalled his parents words of encouragement:

 You can be angry for what you don’t have or be thankful for what you do have.

Do your best and God will do the rest.

When Nick allowed God to prosper his soul, God prospered His life. He found his wellness in Christ, and he’s getting along with a smile and a new wife. As far as his physical limitations, he surfs, skydives, and engages in activities that most of us will never experience.

Child of God, your challenge is not too small or too big. You may need to lose weight, recover from an emotional tragedy, or lessen chronic stress. The answer is the same . . . Jesus. He’ll prosper your soul and slowly remove the obstacles standing in the way of your wellness.  

Live well.

Marisa Shadrick



Living well is getting along in life with a smile. (Click to Tweet)

Wellness is found in the soul that prospers. (Click to Tweet)

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