How Headlines Attract and Engage An Audience

Headlines attract and engage an audience. The challenge is we have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention online.

You have amazing ideas to share, services to offer, or products to sell.

No doubt, your offer provides a solution…

  • in less time
  • with less pain (pain is simply a problem)
  • that lowers cost
  • that increases revenue
  • or provides better results

You’re helping individuals avoid negative setbacks or move toward something positive.

A well-crafted headline can help.



It’s Time to Raise Some Eyebrows!

An eyebrow is a copy term.

These two or three words (or descriptive keyword phrase) appears above the headline to attract a specific audience.

Typically the eyebrow is used in a landing page (or sales page), but depending on your Opt-in, you could consider an eyebrow if it makes sense for your business.

Here an example, Anti-aging Breakthrough. 

This eyebrow isn’t a headline. It merely attracts people who are concerned about wrinkles.

If they click on the offer, they’re prequalified warm prospects.

Note that the “eyebrow” also evokes curiosity.


5 Tips About Headlines

We had to write headlines in school, but headlines in your opt-in have a key role.

Craft a headline that will capture and compel the person to keep reading.

Here are a few headline tips to remember

  1. Provide a benefit.
  2. Be specific and not vague.
  3. Write to be clear and not clever.
  4. Attract the right audience.
  5. Evoke curiosity.


When Should I Use a Subheadline?

When I critique headlines, I’ve noticed a common struggle. It’s hard to say everything in one sentence.

You end up with a congested headline.

You can add a subheadline to break up the text. The subheadline appears right below the headline but in a smaller font.

Here are three ways a subheadline can support your headline.

  1. It helps decongest the headline-making it easier to read.
  2. You elaborate on the main benefit.
  3. Your audience is drawn deeper and led to action.

The Difference Between a Headline, Subheadline, and Tagline

A tagline is often confused with a headline.

A tagline is a catchphrase or jingle.

Five elements of a tagline.

  1. Sets a tone
  2. Tell others what you’re known for
  3. Makes you memorable
  4. It’s repeated often
  5. Contains less than eight words


Here are examples of taglines.

Apple: “Think Different.”

Bounty: “The Quicker Picker Upper” …

Lay’s: “Betcha Can’t Eat Just One.”

Nike: “Just Do It.”

L’Oréal: “Because You’re Worth It.” …


You can see that the headline is the star of the show, and the additional elements play supporting roles.


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Make Your Headline Clear and Not Clever

It’s amazing how a few words can cause such havoc, right?

Remember to be clear and not clever–even on your website.

Succinct copywriting takes time and practice.

I would suggest brainstorming a list of headlines.

Pull the best words from your brainstorming exercise, and write your headline.

Be assured, spending time crafting a few words will yield greater results.

As your opt-ins grow your community, you’ll be able to offer your amazing products and service.

Bridge the Gap and Get More Clicks is a Copywriting Checklist that will help you write a stronger sales page.


Stay resilient!

Marisa Shadrick

Digital Strategist and Certified Copywriter

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