How Solopreneurs Finish Strong at the End of a Bad Year

The Lessons and Benefits of  Discomfort

Spring of 2020, we were in the middle of the pandemic. I love spring, but social distancing limited outdoor fun, and frankly, the whole family had cabin fever. 

My daughter decided to get a slip-and-slide for our seven-year-old. She connected it to the backyard hose, and I couldn’t pass up the chance for a little fun. 

I decided to join my granddaughter, and show off a little. Okay–a lot. 

As I lunged to the ground, I felt it. It was an instant injury to my right shoulder. I thought it would get better, so I was mindful not to aggravate it. Besides, everything was closed. I couldn’t see a doctor because of the shutdown. 

Months passed. After several trips to the doctor and an MRI, I had a “Frozen Shoulder.” 

Scar tissue had made mobility extremely difficult. I was so frustrated; I went straight from the doctor’s office to the chiropractor and asked him to break the scar tissue. 

Looking back, I should have worked through the discomfort and not opt for a quick fix. It hurt like heck. 

Ironically, I still have to work through the discomfort with physical therapy to get stronger. 

My slip-and-slide adventure taught me a lesson. Besides acting my age, discomfort isn’t always bad; it can be the road to strength.

This is true even in business.

Are you feeling a little discomfort in your business? Perhaps it’s time to lean into the discomfort and come out stronger.


Finish Strong at the End of a Bad Year

If you’re celebrating a successful year, congratulations!

Many, however, have felt the effects of 2020s challenges. 

Challenges are not easy, yet, it’s part of life’s rhythm. 

God never promised perfect days; He promised trials with a clear perspective for those seasons.

We’re to rejoice in hope, exercise patience, and remain in prayer. (Romans 12:12)



We become aware. We assess, and we adjust. The process empowers us to walk with confidence in life and business. 

When results come slowly, however, we can lose patience and our dreams. 


The Enemy of Growth

The primary enemy of growth is discouragement. It’s dark and needs to be addressed immediately.   

When something is off, we often want to ignore the pain. This is common with…

  • Weight Loss
  • Need for Exercise
  • Poor Habits

It becomes the topic you avoid because discouragement has whispered you can’t succeed. 

It’s the same with online entrepreneurs, but it’s not true. 

Challenges can work in your favor if you learn from them and refuse to carry the discomfort into your future.



Little Known Ways Solopreneurs Can Leverage a Bad Quarter 

  1. Review your annual goals! 
    • As you review your goals, don’t compare your business to others.
    • What did you learn about yourself or your business?
    • How will this affect next year’s goals?
  2. Review your analytics. 
    • What went well?
    • What went wrong? (Market adjustment?) If you made a mistake, forgive yourself. 
    • What remained the same. Was this good or bad?
  3. Identify Any Skill Gaps
    • Leverage your strengths. 
    • Strengthen weaknesses.
    • Outsource what you can’t do. 
  4. Identify a Spiritual Gap (Some may call this mindset). 
    • Are you spending time with God?
    • Do you feel you’re growing in character?
    • Have you been living according to your values?
  5. Energy Gap (Selfcare) 
    • Are you getting enough sleep?
    • Drinking enough water?
    • Are your food choices helping or hindering you?
  6. Assess Your Expectations
    • Were your expectations too high?
    • Ask yourself, would I impose these expectations to someone on my team?
    • Or were your expectations too low? 
  7. Did You Engage with an Accountable Group or Community? 
    • Don’t underestimate the cumulative effects of daily habits and accountability. 


After you review your goals, determine your next quarter’s strategy. 



How to Create Revenue This Coming Quarter 

  1. Service Work using Upwork
  2. Mini-Course using TeachableThinkific (free plan), but you have to market the course. 
    • Udemy – Student pay per training. 
    • SkillShare – Students join a membership for course access.
      • Instructors receive revenue based on the minutes watched by all students. 
      • Affiliate partners receive $10 for every student you bring to SkillShare and sign up for their Premium Membership.    
  3. Paid Content Upgrade
    • Lead them from a freebie to a paid tutorial. 
  4. Affiliate Partnership
    • Partner with someone who’s launching a course. Promote their program and earn revenue. 
  5. Work for Referrals
    • Post your services on your website. 
    • Contact influencers and offer free service for a shoutout, endorsement, or email introduction to someone who could use your services.  

Bonus: Look for interview opportunities to share your skills and offers to a new audience. 


Watch the Livestream Replay


You’ve got this!

If you need to grow your audience, use these 25-Opt-in Ideas to Grow Your Email List as inspiration.

Take time to become aware, assess your analytics, and adjust where needed. The process will empower you to walk with confidence. 

Stay resilient!

Marisa Shadrick

Digital Strategist and Certified Copywriter


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