How to Automatically Post to Instagram for Free!

Instagram posting resolved; post to Instagram for free automatically!


Busy entrepreneurs shouldn’t stop what they’re doing to post on social media.

That defeats the purpose of scheduling.

Many scheduling tools have evolved throughout the years, but they’re not cheap.

Here’s a free Facebook tool you can use.

Let’s look at Creator Studio for auto-posting images and videos.


In this video, you’ll discover…

  • Quick Review of Instagram Features
  • A Free Tool Under the Hood of Facebook
  • The Unknown IGTV Advantage
  • How to Schedule an Auto Post in Facebook, Instagram, & IGTV
  • Repurpose Videos to IGTV



IGTV is a Great Way to Repurpose Video Content

If you create Livestreams or YouTube videos, you’ll love how easily you can repurpose the videos as IGTV content.

IGTV videos are usually limited to 15 minutes when you use the app, but you’re allowed an hour on the web.

That means you can use Creator Studio on your desktop or laptop to schedule and repurposed videos!

Now that’s leverage.

Share your valuable content with your Instagram audience.

Here’s the best part about IGTV. You can include a clickable link.

Unlike posts, you don’t need 10,000 followers to share a link.


How to Find Facebook Creator Studio

Creator Studio has been overlooked and underused. So start using this free tool to schedule your content.

There are two ways to find Creator Studio.

Option One is to go to, and you’ll see Creator Studio listed on the left.

How to Automatically Post to Instagram for Free!


Option Two is going direct to Creator Studio. 

Here’s the Creator Studio Link.

How to Automatically Post to Instagram for Free!


Types of Posting!

Once in Creator Studio, look for the Instagram icon. Click the “Create New” green button to schedule.

Video Posts (60 seconds)

Image Post (Make them pretty using Canva Pro)

Carousel Posts (multiple images up to 10 photos)

IGTV (up to 15 minutes via mobile device, BUT up to an hour using the web!)

Note: IGTV videos must be in MP4 format!


Bonus Tip to Promote Your Posts

Promote them using Instagram Stories! (15 Seconds)

You can do this quickly and easily using your phone.

Camera shy?

Use filters to give you that “camera-ready” look!

Plus, be sure to see how you can Save Time Using These Instagram Apps.


Stay Resilient

Marisa Shadrick

Online Marketing Coach and Certified Copywriter


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How to Automatically Post to Instagram for Free!




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