How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Imagine if you could increase organic traffic by knowing how to create an effective content marketing strategy.

Before the pandemic, we drove to San Francisco to visit my son. We hit a toll bridge.

To move traffic across the bridge to a specific destination, you paid a toll.

It’s the same with online ads. You pay to direct traffic to your site.

But organic traffic is free.



Increase Organic Traffic Using Content Marketing

I’m going to show you how to create a content marketing plan with a few tips and free tools.

First, what is content marketing?

Here’s a simple explanation. Content marketing provides helpful content that drives free or organic traffic to your site.


  1. The audience’s demographic
  2. The questions your audience is searching for online.
  3. How can you provide a unique solution or answer?

How do you know what your audience needs? Begin with keyword research.


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3 Steps to Help You Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

This is a huge topic. We’re going to stick to the basics.

You need to research, create, and post.

Let’s breakdown each step.


1. Find Your Keywords

    • These are the words people type in a search engine.
    • For content creators, keywords provide insight into the content that follows.
    • Keywords shouldn’t be too broad, or you’ll be undiscoverable in an ocean of competition.
    • Use free tools like Google Chrome, Keyword Surfer, and Keywords Everywhere to niche your topic. (Watch the video for a demonstration.)

2. Create Unique Content

    • Nothing is new under the sun. Yet your perspective is unique.
    • From your keyword search, write helpful content for those who are clamoring to discover your resource.
    • If you have many related topics for your primary keyword, you can create related categories. If your primary keyword is copywriting, related categories might be,
      • Write Promotional Copy
      • Demystify Website Copy
      • Create Engaging Facebook Ad Copy
      • Effective Email Sequences
    • What did your competitors miss?
      • If competitors write short posts, make yours longer.
      • Could you include a video?
      • How about bullet points or listicles?
      • What is the level of understanding? If you find advanced articles, perhaps you should write introductory posts.
    • Add Yoast, a free WordPress plugin that will help you optimize the blog page.
    • With all this traffic coming to your site, be sure to add a call to action (CTA) on every post.

3. Post and Don’t Ghost

    • Share your content with your existing community (email list).
    • Schedule your evergreen content throughout the year.
    • Check social media for comments or questions and engage with your audience.


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Increase Your Visibility with a Content Marketing Strategy

As you implement these tips, be sure to leverage your headlines to attract and engage your audience.

A strategy provides benefits. You increase your visibility, trust, and credibility.

Target the perfect audience, and they’ll be ready to join your community.



Stay resilient

Marisa Shadrick

Digital Strategist


Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash


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