How to Grow Your Email List with Strategic Content

How do you attract people who could use your content, resources, products, or services? 

  • Maybe you’re an author who wants to have a book traditionally published. 
  • Perhaps you’re a coach who wants to help people one-on-one. 
  • Or maybe you want to create residual income by offering digital products.


You need a plan to reach the right audience.

Some call this the customer journey. 

Here’s the problem with the “customer journey” model; they’re not a customer yet. 

There’s an overlooked prequel to the story. 

I call this prequel the audience sequence. 

It’s the know, trust, and like factor that leads a cold audience to a click! 



How to Grow Your Email List with Strategic Content

Put on your virtual rubber boots because we’re going fishing.  

I remember going deep-sea fishing on a chartered boat back in my twenties with a girlfriend.

We set out late at night, sleep on the boat in cots, and as soon as it was light, we were fishing. No glam trip for sure, but it was so much fun.

Fishing is a great analogy to understand the audience sequence in 5 simple steps. 



1.What type of fish do you want to catch?

Well, I’m not much of a freshwater fan, but I love ocean fish, particularly halibut. 

Online, we would identify the type of audience we want to serve. Consider gender, social-demographics, aspirations, and struggles.   


2. Where do your fish hang out?

If I want to catch halibut, I would need to go deep-sea fishing. Going to the lake would never provide halibut.  

Online, you choose the right social platform based on their social-demographic. You may prefer Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. 


3. How will you attract the right fish?

When I went deep-sea fishing, I used live squid. Gross, but effective. 

Online, you determine what your audience needs and wants. Make it irresistible like squid is to halibut–but not so smelly or slimy.


4. Use the right hook to snag that fish! 

I had a lot of help from the crew getting the right size hook and bait ready. I guess they thought we would injure ourselves. (Safe assumption.)

Online, your hook is your copy or your headline. Copywriting plays a big part when you want people to stop and read.

Make your headline too good to pass up.  


5. Practice patience and trust the process. 

When you fish you wait. Waiting, waiting, and more waiting can make you think something is wrong until you feel that tug. When you fish, you have to enjoy the anticipation and not get frustrated. 

Online, your free offer will work for you while you sleep. As long as you “keep it in the water” or promote it consistently on a social media platform, it will attract and compel your audience to click.


Watch the Video for Step-by-Step Examples


Graphics Used in this Video

Illustration I – Content Strategy Example

Content Strategy Example

Illustration II – An Audience Sequence Example

Audience Sequence


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Marisa Shadrick

Digital Strategist and Certified Copywriter


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