How to Improve Your Speaking and Video Marketing Content

If you’re thinking about recording video content and creating a marketing strategy, well done.

Let’s face it. People prefer video content.

Today, even audio content is evolving. Video podcasting is on the rise.

Why? Whether you use videos for lead generation, raise brand awareness, or improve search engine rankings, statistics show it’s effective.


Video Marketing Highlights from Small Biz Genius: Small Business Stats & Facts

  • Using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 86%.
  • 64% of marketers see video as the most difficult content to create.
  • More than 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube every day.
  • 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.
  • 45% of people watch more than an hour of videos on Facebook or YouTube per week.
  • 69% of people prefer video over text when learning about a product or service.
  • 88% of marketers are satisfied with their social media video marketing ROI.
  • 68% of consumers said the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the amount of video content they watch online.


How to Prepare as a Speaker Before You Hit Record

1. Warm Up: Place a cork in your mouth as you warm up for your talk. This will quickly loosen your jaw muscles. It’s an effective technique that prevents getting tongue-tied.

2. Hydrate: Water helps lung health. It reduces mucus secretion (yuck) and helps your breathing.

3. Breath: Take deep breaths and use aromatherapy to help relieve stress and relax. My favorite is Lavender Oil.

4. Camera Tip: Look directing into the camera. Your audience will feel as if you are looking directly at them, which creates a connection.

5. Freeze Tip: On prerecorded videos, if you make a mistake, pause and freeze. Pick up where you left off as if nothing happened. This will simplify post-production work by providing a clean break for editing.



Watch the Video and Enjoy More Video Marketing Tips


12 Tips to Improve Your Video Marketing Content — From Start to Finish

1. Video Purpose: Brainstorm the premise and search keywords around your topic.

2. Determine the Benefit: Why should the audience care? Show them the benefit.

3. Research the Competition: What are competitors doing? Are they creating long or short videos? How can you offer different video content?

4. Craft the Headline: Your headline is your hook and helps attract and engage your audience.

5. Write Description: You’ll want 2-3 sentences that will tease the video. Tell them what they’ll discover or what problem you’ll solve.

6. Lead with a Story: This is not a long narrative. A few sentences can lead to your point and set the stage for what’s to follow.

7. Add Sticky Statements: These are the lingering or memorable phrases that people love to highlight and remember.

8. Share Examples: This can be your own success story that engages your audience and provides credibility.

9. Audience Takeaway: Don’t confuse this with a call to action. How do you want your audience to feel after they watch your video? Do you want to create awareness, raise belief, or help them find confidence?

10. Have a Call to Action: This is your opt-in. A free offer that compliments your video content and provides the next step.

11. Post Production: Add an intro/outro, annotations (visuals or lower-third), or transitions where you’ve cut sections of the video.

12. Choose a Video Host Platform: The most popular is YouTube. It’s free, and you can make the video public, unlisted, or private.


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Tech Made Simple for Today’s Videographer

1. Zoom: With a free account, you can record up to 40 minutes of content.

2. Livestream: For Windows, use StreamYard, and for Mac, use eCamm Live.

3. Camtasia: One of the best editing software tools for both Windows and Mac.

4. Canva: Create an engaging YouTube custom thumbnail using Canva’s free version, but Canva Pro has so many useful features.

5. Wave Video: This is a creative video creation tool that offers done-for-you templates.


Video marketing has become more and more important in businesses. If you’re uncomfortable in front of a camera, record a few videos for yourself until you feel confident. You’ll soon be ready to upload a pre-recorded video. Finally, graduate to a LIVE video.

If you don’t want to buy a lot of equipment, use your phone. It’s perfect for IGTV or Facebook/Instagram stories.

Remember, you’ll find your courage when you realize your audience needs the content you create on video.


Stay resilient!

Marisa Shadrick

Digital Strategist and Certified Copywriter


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