How to Market Online During the Holiday Season

Determine Your Client’s Awareness Level

Client awareness is understanding whether your audience considers your product or service a present need. They may not know they need it. 

For example, I may not know I need a particular vitamin until someone explains the overall health benefits. 

If your product or service requires an explanation to buy, it may take longer to sell your product or service. 

When Online activity is high, particularly during the holiday season, with elections around the corner, you want to make sure your offer is something your audience is already seeking. 


Understand Client Awareness with This Acronym, O.P.E.N.  

Each letter stands for the level of client awareness

O – Oblivious (Your audience doesn’t realize they need your solution.) 

P – Pondering (They’ve considered the possibilities, but there’s no current motivation to act.)

E – Engaged (They are looking for a solution that they can implement in the future.)

N—Need (They are experiencing a negative outcome, and they’re desperate for the solution.)

For quicker conversion during the holiday season, you want to market to an audience that falls in the category of engaged or need. 


7 Tips to Set Up Next Quarter’s Marketing Plan

Where do you ultimately want to lead your prospect? Once you determine your main revenue offer, work backward. Your end-in-mind conversion becomes your compass.

Keep these seven tips in mind when you’re creating your next Quarter’s marketing plan. 

  1. Your new content should eventually segue to your paid offer. 
  2. Once you brainstorm new content, create your 90-Day Content Calendar. 
  3. Create a free opt-in that aligns with your content and compliments your paid offer. See 25 Opt-In Ideas to Grow Your Email List for ideas. (Suggestion: A 3-part video series is easy to create using Zoom’s free plan.) 
  4. In the meantime, repurpose your existing evergreen content and post on social media. (This will drive traffic to your site.) 
  5. Refresh your Homepage by showcasing your new offer! 
  6. Maximize your website, real estate. See 17 Ways to Leverage Organic Website Traffic for ideas.
  7. The opt-in (using a 3-part video series as an example) leads your subscribers to a paid offer in the last email. 

In this video, I’ll show you how this plays out in a funnel. I’ll show you two options to consider. 


Livestream Video Replay


Choose the Best Time to Launch

Consider the Quarter’s season. What holidays are in that Quarter? 

The holiday season is a great time to leverage your Online promotion because people are expecting deals.   

During the 4th Quarter, for example, you can leverage Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 


Other Ideas to Consider

If you are a freelancer, create an email campaign that offers a special package with limited open slots. 

If you have a high-end offer, you may want to use the next Quarter to create a fantastic campaign, reach out to affiliate partners, strategize your freebie with a summit, Bootcamp, or webinar. 

I love to work in quarters because they provide ample time to finish a project. Stay focused and leverage today for a better tomorrow. 


Stay Resilient! 

Marisa Shadrick

Digital Strategist and Certified Copywriter


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