How to Not Get Overwhelmed by Your To-Do List

Organize Your To-Do List and Enjoy a Distraction-Free Workflow

It’s easy to get side-tracked when you follow a to-do list.

You end up, working on the wrong things.

Wake up at five in the morning, shower, enjoy a sip of your hot-brewed coffee, and hit the to-do list!

For example, say you have a running list of to-dos like this one.

  • Finish the free giveaway
  • Call my client back
  • Start answering emails
  • Write an article
  • Pay my bills
  • Check my analytics
  • Write a proposal
  • Post on social media
  • Watch course modules
  • Record videos for my course
  • Update my website
  • Create a survey


What a mess, right?

Do we start with the easy ones first, like pay bills or answer emails? Not necessarily.

I struggled with tasks, and they ended up consuming my entire day.

In other words, I was busy, but what did I get done?

Instead, tell those tasks, “You’re Not the Boss of Me!”

After a lot of frustration, I found a simple way to prioritize tasks and let growth activities cut in front of the line.


A 5-Min Tip that Will Save You Hours of Time

To know what work comes first, draw a diagram with three columns.

Title the columns as follows.

  1. List-Building Activity
  2. Income-Building Activity
  3. Administrative Activity

Now, add the tasks to one of the three columns.

For example, the tasks listed above would look something like this.

Organize Your To-Do Tasks and Enjoy a Distraction-Free Workflow

Instant clarity.

Choose from the first two columns. Why?

List-Building and Income-Building work will keep your business open and moving forward.

Plan to spend 90% of your day on either list-building or income-producing work and 10% on administrative tasks.



Discover how to create a workable rhythm with this FREE Guide! CLICK HERE to download. 


Choose Your Needle-Moving Activities and Then Create a To-Do List

If your first two columns have many items. Pick your top three priorities based on your quarterly goals.

Here’s a possible selection.

  1. Call my client back.
  2. Write the proposal.
  3. Finish the giveaway (If I don’t have one). Otherwise, write an article.

When should I do administrative work?  Great question.

You can tackle them at the end of the day or at the end of the week.


Create an Online Presence with Clarity and Confidence

Once you have your needle-moving priorities set, create your schedule, but be mindful of your health, mindset, and personal development.

In the video, I share a workable rhythm that will prevent burnout and help you develop your business.

Today, let’s look at Cultivate and Connect.

Create Your Workable Rhythm

Here are the first two foundational areas of a workable rhythm.


Laptop life isn’t easy, but it’s possible, probable, and inevitable with an actionable system.

Here’s the secret; it starts with you! Go beyond your comfort zone and remain teachable.

Don’t let your priorities get skewed. Cultivate the heartbeat of your business–irreplaceable you.



We can’t thrive alone; we need community.

Think of someone who has marked your life, a teacher, a colleague, or a friend. Gold, right?

Be intentional in finding online connections and build new relationships.

You’ll find valuable feedback, support, and opportunities to serve.


Building Daily Resilience

In a recent article by Entrepreneur Magazine, 4 Key Habits All Successful Millionaires Have, four success habits are mentioned.

  1. Showing up on time (that includes your own business)
  2. Do what you say.
  3. Finish what you start.
  4. Say “thank you,” and “please.”

Hmm, it sounds like cultivating yourself produces integrity and character.

Integrity and character go a long way when connecting with others.

Take a moment, and consider how you can cultivate yourself?  Think of someone you want to know at a deeper level and reach out.

Cultivating yourself and connecting with others will help you remain resilient because struggles and setbacks will come, but character, integrity, and community will see us through.


Stay resilient

Marisa Shadrick

Digital Strategist and Certified Copywriter

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