How to Position Your Products in a Crowded Market

Have you struggled to position your products in a crowded market? Does it feel impossible to get noticed and earn revenue?


Whatever you offer, there’s probably someone offering something similar.

There’s nothing new under the sun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. You need to position your products for success.

By now, you know what problem you solve and who you help, but are you making these common mistakes?


Three Common Mistakes

  • Mistake #1: Guru Modeling

There’s nothing wrong with modeling today’s influencers for inspiration. But we can’t always implement the same tactical strategies.

Personality brands have spent years building their business, revenue, and team. To model the same tactics could mean going beyond your financial means. This creates stress and destroys creativity. It’s best to start small and scale up as you grow.


  • Mistake #2 – Stranger-Danger Messaging 

People who are desperate to sell come across as too needy and salesy. We need to meet people from a place of service and support.

A hard-sell approach will distance people instead of engaging them.


  • Mistake #3 – No Due Diligence

Understand your market and know how you differentiate yourself from your niche. Your brand or origin story provides unique value.

As you discover the gaps in your genre, create content that fills the hole with your unique perspective and personality.



Free Training on How to Position Your Products

In this video, you’ll discover the four quadrants that will help you position your brand (products or services) in a crowded market. I’ll share one strategy to inspire you to think beyond your current offers and systematically guide people toward your premium products.




Working Through the Quadrants

As you create a funnel that makes sense for your audience, consider these questions.

  1. Who else is in your business space? How do they serve their customers?
  2. Where is the gap in their products or services that you could fill?
  3. What is the premium product you want to offer?
  4. Which quadrant would be the best starting point for your business and audience?
  5. How aware is your audience of their need? If you solve a common or known problem, your opportunity to move from quadrant to quadrant increases.


Why is it Important to Position Your Products?

Everything you produce should support your marketing strategy.

Your opt-in, weekly content, and promotions should create a cohesive flow toward your ultimate goal.

This flow earns your client’s trust and helps create revenue.


Feedback and Support Helps Shorten the Learning Curve

Sometimes it’s hard to create a cohesive marketing strategy. There are so many moving parts from tech tools, graphics, copywriting, and product or service options.

That’s why I started Pacesetters for people who are tired of struggling alone to create an online presence.

Your purpose and reasons matter.

Driven entrepreneurs serve because they care about others and the future of our culture.

Sometimes we are too close to our own story, business, or offers to see the obvious–often, it’s a simple tweak that changes everything.

Pacesetters can do that for you.

CLICK HERE to get more details, or schedule a call if you have additional questions.


Stay resilient!

Marisa Shadrick

Digital Strategist and Certified Copywriter



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