Redefine Success and Authentically Increase Your… 

Income and Impact

September  9 – 10, 2023, Nashville, TN

An In-Person Workshop to Amplify Your Authority and Grow Your For-Profit or Nonprofit Organization 

Experience the Power of Alignment

Many coaches, service providers, and nonprofit leaders struggle to generate consistent, targeted leads. Traditional methods feel disingenuous and are less effective for today’s savvy consumer. 

Throughout the two-day workshop, our participants will dive deep into the strategies and tactics of online marketing, learning how to effectively communicate their message, attract and engage their ideal audience, and make a living doing what they love, 

By combining their heart-held values with their entrepreneurial endeavors, these individuals can influence and impact the lives of others while achieving financial success. 

Overcome The Struggles That Keep You from Achieving Success

Does this sound like you?

  • Frustrated with the misalignment between your heart-held values and your entrepreneurial endeavors?


  • Struggling to effectively communicate your message and consistently connect with your ideal audience?


  • Spinning your wheels, unable to attract and grow your email list to build a solid and authentic following? 


  • Suffering from a lack of qualified leads, preventing you from achieving the financial success you desire?


  • Wasting time and resources on ineffective tactics that yield little to no results?


If this resonates with you, it’s time to take a leap of faith and embark on a journey of self-discovery and tactical strategies so you can begin to impact the world with your transformational message. 

Stay Relevant Online While Propelling Your Organization Forward

Yesterday’s strategies are less effective in today’s rapidly evolving online marketing landscape.

With constant changes in technology, consumer behavior, and market trends, you must adapt and take action to avoid dire consequences if you’re a coach, service provider, or nonprofit leader.

Stagnation will risk falling behind your competitors, losing touch with your target audience, and missing opportunities to propel your business forward.

Your market needs and wants are constantly evolving, and it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve, leveraging the power of technology and strategic marketing to meet their ever-changing demands.

You need the knowledge and strategies to thrive in this dynamic market environment. We believe this is found in intentional relationship marketing. 

It's Time to Build Authentic Connections for Lasting Relationships

At the Income and Impact Workshop, we understand the pain and frustration you’ve experienced in your journey to generate consistent and targeted leads.

That’s why we’ve curated a transformative event to help coaches, service providers, and small business owners overcome these challenges and thrive in the online marketplace.

It doesn’t matter if you’re launching a business or have been in business for years – this workshop will show you how to break through the competition and generate sales without gimmicks.

Led by industry experts Marisa Shadrick, a certified brand and copywriting consultant, and Dr. Sheila Cornea, a leadership development consultant. This workshop will equip you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies you’ll need to build authentic relationships, grow a loyal following, and create a consistent profit-generating network.

Your Event Hosts and Keynote Speakers

Marisa Shadrick

Marisa is a former ministry leader who used writing as an extension of her work. She published national and international articles, but becoming her father’s primary caregiver changed everything. 

She turned her writing into a copywriting service and helped online brands transform their ideas into marketable messages, which launched her career. 

As a marketing consultant, Marisa finds fulfillment in helping coaches, service providers, and organizations discover the power of relationship marketing. 

Marisa is an award-winning international speaker, certified brand and copywriting expert, former NewsTalk co-host, former acquisitions editor, and host of the Resilient Faith Online podcast. 

Sheila Cornea

Dr. Sheila Cornea specializes in helping leaders build high-impact, ministry-based brands that make a difference.

Sheila blends her experience as a nonprofit executive, leadership pastor, and entrepreneur with her expertise in brand strategy and organizational development to help leaders accomplish the significant work they are called to do.   

She is an international speaker and author of leadership resources, courses, and books, including The 100 Most Important Bible Verses for Leaders. 

When Sheila’s not helping her clients make the world a better place, you’ll likely find her encouraging leaders on the Gutsy Grace Leadership podcast.

Expert Panel Discussion

Laura Mangum Broome

Resilience Coach & Founder of iCope2Hope LLC

Laura Mangum Broome is a true inspiration. Despite enduring breast cancer, Congestive Heart Failure, the loss of her son to suicide, a heart transplant, and an unexpected divorce, she discovered the power of resilience. Through her iCope2Hope 3-Step Resilience Framework, Laura empowers others to transform pain into purpose and embrace joy in life.

Marla Regan

Productivity Strategist

Marla Regan is the owner of Organized Time. She’s a certified coach, speaker, and author.  She assists clients with their time, paper, and clutter since 1997.  Marla brings order to chaos impacting the lives of her clients. She has a warm, approachable style combined with her expertise and passion, inspiring her clients to be more efficient and effective at work or home.

Alicia Berberich

Motivation, Mindset, and Manifesting Coach

Alicia Berberich began coaching in 2010. She is driven to help women answer their calling by harnessing the power of knowing their values and stepping into their strengths. She helps them create a clear vision of their desire and guides them on their journey. Her tool kit includes meditation, visualization, and a strong growth mindset.


After any event, most attendees are excited, but when they return home, nothing happens, and they don’t take action. Not you!

Learn at the in-person event, and when you get home, execute an implementation plan using this “Coaching Toolkit.”

We won’t let you leave excited but wondering what to do next. That kills momentum.

All attendees will receive additional support and tactical tools at this free VIP virtual traIning.

Register and Attend Income and Impact

September 9 – 10, 2023

Convenient Location 20 Minutes from Beautiful  Nashville, TN

The Income and Impact Workshop is a transformative event specifically designed for online entrepreneurs who are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of others but struggle to reach their full potential. 


  • Discover the power of relationship marketing and how it can significantly boost your lead-generation efforts.


  • Gain knowledge and tools to build authentic connections with your target audience, fostering trust and loyalty.


  • Master building profitable networks and strategic partnerships that propel your business forward.


  • Align your business with your heart-held values and make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.


  • Achieve financial success while building a business with authentic connections and lasting relationships.


Whether you’re growing your business to build revenue or make a meaningful impact, building relationships is the key that unlocks both needs.

In-Person Workshop



Hotel Accomodations
Incredible Room Rates

Host Hotel Accommodations
Walking distance to fine dining

Kitchen, refrigerator, microwave, free WiFi, sofa bed.

Inside of this spacious, modern one king studio suite, you’ll find our innovative working wall which creates flexible spaces for relaxing, cooking and working. Chill out in the living area that features a sofa bed and swivel-mounted 50-inch TV, which can be watched from any angle of the suite. Sleeps 4.

With a full-sized refrigerator, microwave, sink, and dishwasher, you can enjoy a meal right in your suite. Induction burner cooktops are also available from the front desk. Rest well on our ultra-comfy microfiber sheets and stay connected with free WiFi.

Enjoy other perks during your stay, such as free breakfast, Spin2 Cycle – our integrated laundry and fitness, and saline pool.

Hotel is Located 22 Miles from Nashville Airport

Frequently Asked Questions

The event agenda is as follows:

Friday Night Optional Meet and Greet

For those flying in early there’s an optional (informal) dinner / cocktail gathering @ 6:00 p.m. (Location TBA)


Saturday, Sept 9th

9 a.m. -5:00 p.m.

(Optional dinner gathering @ 6:00 p.m. )


Sunday, Sept 10th 

9 a.m. – Noon 

No. The hotel is approximately 20-30 minutes from Nashville (depending on traffic.) 

Once you arrive at the host hotel, everything you need is only a few steps away. 

Convenient location for dining and shopping. 

The hotel will allow you to add an extra day (Thursday) before the scheduled arrival and leave the day after chek out (Monday) at the same room rate. 

Please add to extended days at the time you register using the link or call the hotel directly. 

No. Attendees can enjoy delicious food at the neighboring restaurants only a few feet from the host hotel.

We will provide water and coffee during the event. 

We suggest casual attire. While Tennessee typically enjoys pleasant summer weather, it’s important to note that evenings can be cool, and event rooms are often air-conditioned.

To ensure your comfort throughout the workshop, we recommend bringing a sweater or light jacket that you can easily layer on.

We want everyone to enjoy a relaxed and engaging environment where you can focus on learning and connecting with fellow participants.

All registrations are non-refundable to ensure the smooth organization and planning of the Income and Impact Workshop.

This policy is in place to guarantee the best possible experience for all participants.

By committing to attend, we can effectively plan and allocate resources to create an exceptional event.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter, as it allows us to deliver a seamless and valuable workshop experience for all registered participants.

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

Contact our event hospitality coordinator, Marla Regan at