Let Faith Shape Your Work and Future

Our work is an extension of who we are.

Without God’s alignment, we can’t remain resilient and bear fruit, aka succeed. 

We need a consistent spiritual routine.  

Creating daily habits is key, and they will serve you in life and business.


Here are 5 Tips to Grow from the Inside Out and Let Faith Shape Your Work. 


Show Notes

1. Redeem Your Time

Many of us struggle with time or rather lack of time. 

Time, however, is not the problem.

Our healthy habits lost their place within our priorities. 

Genesis: 1:31, God knew His creation was perfect. That includes time. 


We need to put our time UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT.

Surrender what doesn’t need ownership. 

Remember, a “yes” to people could be a “no” to God. 



2. Find Your Babe Cave

Choose a private space to reset.

If you don’t have a consistent quiet space, go mobile. Put your books and Bible-study essentials in a portable storage container. Here’s a Pinterest Board with a few ideas so you can maximize the unused space in your home.

Why is this important? We need a distraction from ourselves to reset our thoughts and priorities. 



3. Create a Ritual

Create a new habit. Consider the frequency, duration, and time. 

Healthy rituals are significant because you are reprogramming your brain

It’s not about psychobabble; it the extraordinary design of your brain. 

Here’s the key, repetition! 

This ritual will release healthy chemicals in your brain that will help you create sustainable habits. Experts say it takes approximately 45 days. 


4. Choose a Bible Study Method

3 Bible Study Methods:

SUBJECTIVE – Our feelings, experiences, and opinions can influence how we interpret scripture, and the observations can vary from person to person.

DEDUCTIVE – Deductive study is an approach often used to support a point or topic. The predetermined point deducts the scriptures that don’t support the specific premise.

INDUCTIVE – Inductive study is an approach without a predetermined conclusion. You observe and do extensive line-by-line research to discover the scriptures’ interpretation (or meaning). The understanding unlocks personal application.

Daily Audio Bible is a podcast that will help you read through the Bible in one year.


5. Implement and Enjoy the Benefits 

Unleash Happy Chemicals! 

When you believe God will meet your needs, you release Dopamine

When you realize you have value, you release Serotonin

When you feel secure in God, you release Oxytocin

When you have a “God moment” with happy tears, you release Endorphins 


Consistency Leads to Resilience

Disrupt a new habit, and your retrained brain will seek a way back to a healthy habit. 

The healthy habits will help you rekindle your calling or purpose. They will carry you through challenges and you’ll discover daily resilience.

To get the most out of your new morning habit, start journaling, and record your insights and idea. DayOne is a helpful electronic journal.

Developing consistent habits will help you reset each day and not burnout.



Make a Difference!

You were made to make a difference. It’s time to cultivate your gifts, expand your reach, and make a difference in this world.

If you want to impact the world with your message, products, or service, start with a plan. This free resource will give you a 5-Step System for online growth.



Stay Resilient

Marisa Shadrick

Digital Marketer and Certified Copywriter

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