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Business Marketing Workshop

Business Marketing Strategies for 2023!

Free LIVE Workshop! Plus, I’ll Audit Your Marketing Strategy!

Turning your knowledge into online revenue doesn’t have to be complicated, but it must be strategic! 

Market your product and services with less complexity. Eliminate funnels, bots, and expensive ads because your audience deserves human-to-human connection. 

I want to share some insights to help you market more effectively and earn serious revenue in 2023.

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🎉 Sendspark Webinar Details 🎉

So how do we break the winter ice so we can go into 2023, elevate our brand, and be prepared to show how unique and distinguished we are?

✔️ Let Marisa Shadrick, an esteemed Marketing Expert, guide you in this exclusive webinar.
✔️ She will share the tools and tips you need to establish your brand, reach new clients, and ultimately help ignite the spark needed to deLIGHT customers.
✔️  You will leave prepared to create videos that will help you showcase your unique brand! 

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Secure more coaching clients with compelling copy

This FREE copywriting workbook, with companion video tutorials, will show you a “repeatable” step-by-step process for conversion mastery! 

✔️  Finally, the essential marketing resource needed to turn your knowledge into online revenue.  

✔️Confidently develop your copywriting skills and market like a pro without unnecessary hype. 

✔️Step-by-step fillable prompts that help you turn ordinary writing into magnetic marketing. 

A perfect solution for coaches, creators, 

or service-based entrepreneurs who want to pivot into coaching.