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Creating Landing Pages on a Budget

Landing Pages and Thank You Pages are Essential to Your Business. There are many options, and they can get pricy. In this training, I share landing page tips and a tour of an amazing plugin, Optimize Press. Create beautiful customized landing pages easily and quickly–for less than $10 a month.   Here’s what I’ll cover in this training. 1. What

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Comparing Online Course Platforms

Have you procrastinated creating a mini-course because the tech is intimidating? It’s not your fault! I was confused and frustrated when I started. There are so many emerging tools it can get overwhelming and paralyzed us, but I can help.   Quiz to See If You’re Ready to Launch a Course What problem are you solving? What sets you apart?

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How to Edit Videos with Camtasia

The video craze will not go away any time soon. You are wise to learn all you can about video creation.  You’ve taken steps to course creation. You know where to host your videos. You’ve compared the course platforms, but you realize the videos you recorded need a little editing. Let me show you how to do that with an

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How Human Needs Lead to Success or Failure

Do we understand human behavior? Perhaps a better question is, “Do we understand our behavior?” We have six basic human needs, but we can’t meet them adequately without self-awareness. Without honest reflection, we won’t manage our emotions, find fulfillment, or reach our God-given potential. Yes, we are unique, but we share inner drivers that help us thrive or fail.  

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4 Ways to Host Your Course Videos

You want to build a course, and you have the First 3 Steps to Course Creation under your belt.  You record the video using Zoom, but where do you store it? I’m glad you asked! That’s what I’ll cover in this post–practical hands-on tips for video storing and sharing.    Cloud-based Storage Resources   1. AWS S3 – Free Tier

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