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Rebranding Wasn’t Easy, But I Had a Virtual Hero

Paid ministry comes and goes. After decades of ministry work, I didn’t want to return to a traditional corporate job. I had a firm belief that work shouldn’t compromise your health, values, or dreams. But dreams are lost in today’s overwhelmed 9 to 5 culture. Did you know I used to sell physical products–botanically-based cosmetics. I loved the products, but

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How to Give Your Business a Clear Identity

“Can I see your ID?”   When someone asks me that I’m either traveling or caught speeding.   Our entire existence is the sum of our name, address, and mugshot.   But that’s not our identity. We’re more than that, so let me ask you this.   Who are you?   Don’t think of a job title or role. Those

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Fast and Easy Video Content Using Templates

Imagine if you could access ready-made templates to create quick and engaging videos. I had to share this fantastic video marketing tool, WaveVideo! I’ve been using this tool for a couple of months, and the more I use it, the more I love it. Why? Social media videos increase engagement, and people love watching video content. I hope it doesn’t

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Resilience Today for a Better Tomorrow

We prepare for school, sports, college, career, marriage, parenting, vacations, and retirement, but we don’t prepare for those uphill seasons. When challenges come, we struggle to find hope and remain resilient. Can Anyone Become Resilient? People believe that resilience is an innate trait, yet it’s a learned skill. This article is a mix of curated research and my journey with

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Improve Your In-Between Moments with Positive Action

When In-Between Moments Become a Long Transition, We Can Still Choose Positive Action! Many in-between moments brighten our days. A flower is most fragrant between its full bloom and falling petals. Movies are exciting between the plot and the final scene.  Skies burst with brushstrokes of color between dawn and sunrise.  But let’s face it, not all in-between moments feel

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