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Marisa Shadrick

Water What Needs to Grow in Your Life

My days are busy with either a group or one-on-one meeting every day of the week. In one group meeting, my friend Alicia ended the call by saying, “Marisa, water your plant.” A week later, “Marisa, water your plant.” The video showed all. My plant suffered abuse under my care. I stopped watering it. In my defense, it’s a high-maintenance,

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5 Online Business Myths Debunked

We easily accept limitations and settle for less than the best. It’s time to cultivate your gifts, expand your reach, and make a difference. Watch this video, and I’ll debunk 5 common myths. 5 Online Business Myths Debunked 1. I am not creative. 2. I need to be “More.” 3. I am too late. 4. I don’t have enough time.

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How to Live Above the Stress

Yes, life can be stressful, so how do we rise above the fear? You have control of what you do today to change tomorrow. How would you like the next quarter to end? Do the things that will help you attain those goals. 5 Thing About Fear Nobody Shares but Must Know 1. Fear Needs Permission to Exit 2. Fear

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Redefine Success in Your Life and Business!

Are you successful? What comes to mind when you think of success? As I read my Bible this week, I pondered a few thoughts about success in an unexpected passage—Christ’s death. Christ’s arrest, his brutal beating, and His horrific crucifixion are grievous. But His death was a success. No one took Christ’s life; he gave it up for us. Yes,

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Let Faith Shape Your Leadership

There are so many things that can derail us in business. Nothing seems constant, and yet, there is one constant that will carry us through our circumstance–our faith. Addressing the Pandemic Our work is an extension of who we are. More than ever before we need to lean on our faith and fulfill our responsibility to be a support for

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